Escapee's Note is a file in Resident Evil Revelations 2.


The file can be found on a small table inside a small house after venturing through the forest, either as Barry or Natalia during Episode 1: Penal Colony. This file can also be read by Moira or Evgeny in Extra Episode 1 "The Struggle".


(Written in Russian)

I can't believe it. I got out of there alive. I won't say in one piece...but alive.

I still can't even process what went on there. All the effort in trying to scare us, toy with us...

It was madness.

I met up with some guys in the forest, but they didn't believe me. Can't say I blame them. I wouldn't have believed me either.

After all, who would dare to go up against the one who saved us all?

I can't do this alone. I went to the communications tower to try and call for help, but I couldn't get a signal through.

We're all alone out here.

But if we don't get word outside, we're all done for.

Savior? Hell no. She's more like the devil herself.

傷だらけにはなったが、 どうにか施設から逃げ出せた。

今でも信じられない…あそこで行われていたのは、 ただひたすら、 人に恐怖を与え続ける行為…


森で会った連中にその話をしても、 どうにも信じてもらえない。

やはりみんな、 あの枚世主を絶対の存在と信じている。

確かに俺も信じていた、 事実を知るまでは…

島の外に助けを求めようと、 通信塔から連絡をとろうとしたが、 まるで通じない。


この事実を早く誰かに伝えなければ、 島の連中はみんな食い尽くされてしまう!

救世主と祟められる、 あの女に…




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