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For the Resident Evil 7 protagonist, see Ethan Winters.
"We lost most of the doctors and staff during the battle against the "zombie" patients. It's impossible to maintain the hospital under these conditions. And, I know that it's too late for me. I am beginning to feel that same itchy and hungry desire that all of my patients felt."
— Dr. Ethan's final journal entry.

Dr. Ethan was the senior medical doctor and Director of the Raccoon General Hospital in 1998, and was an active participant in the research for a t-Virus vaccine.


At some point prior to the September epidemic, Ethan was facing allegations of accepting bribes from a major pharmaceutical corporation.[1]

As the infected began flooding hospital rooms awaiting treatment, Ethan led an effort to research a vaccine for the virus, colloquially known as "cannibal disease". The development reached its testing stages when the staff began transforming themselves. Ethan, meanwhile, wrote notes regarding his experiences with the infection in hopes that someone would use them to develop a cure, well aware that he and his staff would not be able to complete it in time, and already feeling the early symptoms of the virus himself. Ethan eventually perished when zombies overran the hospital, and his body and diary would later be found by Carlos Oliveira when he entered the Raccoon General Hospital/Doctors' station.


Ethan is playable in Resident Evil Outbreak, and has the following stats:

The following is a translated adaptation of information found in the BIOHAZARD OUTBREAK FILE 2 GRAND BIBLE.
Name Ethan
Model George
Vitality 900~1200
Infection rate 1.21% per minute
Movement speed 0.73
Attack modifier X0.88
Starting condition FINE
Starting items First Aid Spray

There is a second version of Ethan, used as his t-Virus-infected model, that can only be used with cheating devices. This version lacks proper stats, resulting in being unable to damage enemies and running very slowly. The only way to fix this is to use stat modifier cheating device codes. Yet another version of him exists which is also statless. However, this version seems to just be a duplicate of his playable version in appearance.


Further notes[]

Ethan initially appeared in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis as a corpse holding the Director's Diary. His body also appeared in the same place during Resident Evil Outbreak's "The Hive" scenario, and was finally named in File #2.