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Ethan Must Die is a minigame for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. It was released as part of the "Banned Footage Vol. 1" DLC on 31 January 2017 on the PlayStation 4, and on 21 February for the PC and Xbox One.


The mode sets the player as Ethan; armed with 12 item slots, the codex watch, and the Knife. The player spawns in the Yard by the entrance of the Old House and will play through the Main House, which is modified with traps and different enemy placement, before heading to the Green House to face Marguerite.

The mode lacks checkpoints; dying in this mode respawns the player back at the beginning and a statue is left at the location of their death. When the statue is broken, it will leave behind one random item the player had on them during the previous playthrough.

The layout and spawn points of enemies and traps, as well as the type of enemies per spawn point is fixed. Enemies deal much more damage to the point where they can kill the player through a single clean hit. Blocking is still effective at reducing damage and is the only viable way of surviving any damage aside from grabs.

Throughout the game are randomized crate spawns with ranks assigned to them ranging from 1 to 3 and a much rarer chest for a rank 4 item. Items that drop from crates and chests are randomized within a possible list based on the rank of the crate. The crate layout on the map re-randomizes after each death. Some crates are rigged to explode which can cause immediate death. These crates can be detected by having only a single layer of tape and a ticking sound coming from inside.

The final boss in this game mode is Marguerite Baker in her mutated form.


Same tactics from the normal difficulty can be applied although requires more perseverance as players may not have sufficient supplies as with the randomized nature of the mode.

Every shot counts when obtaining a firearm due to the randomized nature of the game mode, making head shots essential. Melee combat isn't impossible but poses a tremendous level of risk with extremely minimal returns. However, with the right map knowledge, it is possible to beat this mode only having to kill at most seven enemies and Marguerite (not including those dying by traps).

When fighting Marguerite, it is best advised to stay in one area and let her come to you as moving around carries the risk of triggering turrets or activating traps. More often than not, Marguerite will end up setting off the various hazards as she wanders around the greenhouse. Also, Marguerite does not possess the ability to spawn bugs which makes fighting her slightly easier. Despite the intense difficulty of the mode, her health is considerably lower compared to the main game and she can be killed relatively quickly with the right combination of weapons, traps, and skills.

Item List

One-Star Crate (Brown)

Two-Star Crate (Green)

Three-Star Crate (Purple)

Four-Star Chest (Silver)


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