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"They say that when one door closes, another opens. Well, a door closed tonight. And what a long night it was--but not just for me. Mia and I weren't the only victims here. So were the Bakers. It was that...thing, Eveline, who made them that way. But now Eveline's dead. And these guys are here to clean up the mess. I had just come to terms with losing Mia. But now she's back and wants to start over--put all of this behind us. Maybe this is where the next door opens."
— Ethan Winters

Ethan Winters (イーサン・ウィンターズ Īsan Wintāzu?) (c.1984) is an American systems engineer. One of many mutant victims of biological weaponry, Winters was infected with a virally-enhanced fungus called "Mold" during the 2017 Dulvey incident. He and his wife Mia were rescued by Blue Umbrella, but were deemed to be at risk and kept isolated in BSAA safe-houses. This protection ultimately unravelled in 2021 when the Winters were attacked by their own BSAA guards and their baby, Rosemary, was abducted.[3]


Early life

Little is known of Winters' early life, though it is known he lived in Los Angeles, California as a systems engineer.[1][notes 1] In 2011 he married his partner, Mia, a lab assistant for a secret illegal bioweapons R&D enterprise. Winters himself was led to believe she was a higher-up in a trading company,[citation needed] though continued to be suspicious of her activities. In October 2014, Mia took off on another long-distance trip and disappeared, being presumed dead.[citation needed]

Dulvey incident

On 18 July 2017, Winters received an email purported to be from Mia, giving him instructions to pick her up at the Baker ranch in Dulvey Parish, Louisiana.[4] Rather than alert the authorities, Winters drove out alone to find out for himself soon after. Due to this choice in action, Winters was left unaware he was driving towards a bayou being searched as the apparent epicentre of a spate of missing person investigations. During Winters' search of the grounds, he found Mia's drivers license as well as the abandoned van for Sewer Gators, an urbex webseries. In the house Winters recovered a snuff film showing the murder of the show's producer, Andre Stickland by home owner Jack Baker, and soon after found his bloated remains in a flooded section of basement. Further into the basement, Winters found and rescued Mia from a prison cell, though she was delirious and amnesiac, unable to explain the last three years other than being held captive, then self-harming in the belief someone was inside her head. Mia soon became violent and stabbed Winters, forcing him to defend himself with an axe, believing himself to have killed her. A phone call from Zoe Baker, one of the residents, warned him to escape through the attic, but this effort was in vain and following another confrontation with Mia he lost his left hand to a chainsaw. Recovering a handgun upstairs he was forced to down her once more, but was then knocked out by Jack Baker, the home owner.

As night fell, Winters was attended to by Zoe while drifting in an out of consciousness. More resistant to Eveline's control, Zoe had over the years attempted to escape the property with help from Mia, but had consistently failed. With Mia being kept in isolation, Winters was conscripted into the escape plan in her place. Fitted with Mia's wrist-mounted Genome Codex, Winters was expected to recover the desiccated remains of two D-Type B.O.W.s and create a serum which could be used to negate Eveline's mental effects. Having mutated from Mold exposure and displaying heightened regenerative abilities due to his exposure, Winters' left hand was successfully re-attached, and he was returned to the family after passing out once more.

Winters woke up in the Main House's dinner room, where he was around a dining table where he met the Baker family - Jack, his wife Marguerite, son Lucas, and an unnamed, silent elderly woman all enjoying a feast of human organs. Jack attempted to force-feed the offal to Ethan, but he immediately spat it out, causing Marguerite to become furious and storm out of the room. In retaliation, Jack picked up a knife and began to cut Ethan's face, only to be interrupted by the arrival of deputy sheriff David Anderson. While Jack and Lucas left to deal with the officer, Ethan escaped his bonds and tried to find a way out of the house - however, Ethan soon ran straight into Jack which forced him to evade through a trapdoor and under the floor. This led him to the laundry room where Zoe contacted him through phone once again, informing him that there may be a way out of the house through the main hall. After Ethan investigated the area some more, he caught the attention of Anderson who pounded on one of the boarded windows. Ethan was initially relieved and begged the officer to help him escape the house, but understandably Anderson instead treated Ethan as a possible suspect and instructed him to meet in the garage for an interrogation. Ethan agreed, but then asked Anderson for his gun, reasoning that he needed it to defend himself against the Bakers. Although Anderson refused, he reluctantly gave Ethan a pocket knife before commanding him to go to the garage.

Once the two finally united, Anderson accosted Ethan for answers, but was swiftly and brutally executed from behind by Jack, who split his head clean in two with a shovel right in front of Ethan. The two remaining men had a well fought duel, with Ethan picking up the dead officer's handgun and Jack eventually commandeering Ethan's car and using it as a weapon. Although Ethan was able to evade being killed by Jack's driving, with the car being damaged enough for it to start burning up, the patriarch did not stay down and continued to relentlessly pursue Ethan before the car violently exploded into flames. This allowed Ethan to make his exit via a ladder up to the rafters, but Jack was able to grab him one last time and, determined to make a point, inserted Ethan's handgun into his mouth and pulled the trigger, blowing his own face off.

Believing Jack to be dead, Ethan made it to the main hall where he was greeted by another phone call from Zoe, who revealed that she was in fact part of the Baker family and suggested to look around the house for keys in order to unlock the front door - which Ethan discovered were actually reliefs in the shape of dog heads. However, on his hunt for the reliefs, he was soon pursued by Jack again, demonstrating that his infection prevents him from dying. Ethan's search led him into the basement where he first encountered the Molded, and eventually arrived in the dissection room where one of the marble dog head reliefs was lying on a shelf. However, Jack grabbed it first and placed it on a hook in the drawing room to act as bait for Ethan, and once the relief was in Ethan's possession, Jack kicked him down into the area below, initiating a vicious close-quarters duel which ended in Ethan completely destroying Jack's entire upper body, killing him as far as Ethan could expect.

Creating a serum

"My family and I...our bodies are contaminated. I can't leave the property unless I get it out. Same goes for Mia. We need the serum. It should clear whatever this stuff is out of the body. As long as you're not too far gone."
— Zoe explains to Ethan that nobody can leave until a serum is created.

After acquiring all the dog heads and escaping the main house, Ethan made it to Zoe's trailer, once again being phoned by her. Impressed with his progress so far, Zoe explained her dire situation to him - her entire family, including herself and Mia, were 'contaminated' and needed some sort of serum to cure themselves. Believing that her mother Margeurite may have hidden some in the Old House, Zoe instructed Ethan to start the search there. While investigating the area, Ethan briefly reunited with Mia on the other side of a chainlink fence and started to question her about what she knew despite her amnesia, but Lucas appeared from behind Mia and kidnapped her. Once Ethan got the Crow Key and headed towards the second floor, Marguerite ambushed him and threw him down a flight of stairs. The impact of his fall caused the wooden floor beneath Ethan to break and send him plummeting down a hole in the ground, leaving him at the mercy of Marguerite and her mutant bugs. Ethan retaliated by shooting at Marguerite from the hole, eventually weakening her to the point where she stumbled and fell into the pit, allowing Ethan to climb back up from the hole.

On the second floor, Ethan discovered the mummified corpse of a "D-Series" child, the basis of the serum. However, he was unable to enter the area where the D-Series arm was stored, as it could only be accessed with Marguerite's lantern. Ethan returned to the pit where he fought Marguerite, only to find that she had escaped with the lantern through a hidden tunnel. Ethan followed the tunnel and arrived at an old greenhouse, where he was confronted by a grotesque, mutated Marguerite, but he defeated her causing her to calcify and crumble to pieces, revealing the lantern inside of her. Ethan picked up her lantern and used it to access and grab the D-Series arm from the old house.

After agreeing to meet Zoe back at her trailer, Ethan was instead contacted by Lucas, who had managed to capture her. He told Ethan that the D-Series head could be earned back if he agreed to participate in an "activity" he put together, and before hanging up, Lucas urged Ethan to look in the fridge which contained Anderson's now decapitated and partiallly mutated head along with a note saying, "The pig is waiting for you in the dissection room, bitch". Ethan backtracked to the dissection room in the basement of the Main House, and found the body of the beheaded Anderson with a sign saying "Prove you're a real man and stick your hand down this pig's throat!". He reluctantly did so, feeling sorry for the deputy, and pulled out the Snake Key which Lucas explained would help him find the two key cards he needed to join the "party" in the barn. After managing to get his hands on both keycards, Ethan was finally able to enter the barn.

Once inside, Ethan sat down in front of a TV and was greeted by Lucas who proved that he had the D-Series head and refused to give it up. As Ethan progressed further into the barn, he realised that it had been rigged full of traps by Lucas, who gloated over various speakers throughout the complex. After successfully evading several Molded assaults, Ethan made his way into a puzzle room which Lucas intended to be impossible to solve - however, he outsmarted Lucas and made him retreat, leaving behind the D-Series head but not before issuing one final threat to Ethan through the monitor system.

Once arriving at the Boathouse and finding Mia and Zoe, Ethan freed the two women and gave the serum ingredients to Zoe to make the final product, intending to use a docked boat as an escape. However, as Ethan grabbed the two serum samples Zoe had created, a heavily mutated Jack burst through the building and grabbed him, forcing a final showdown between the two. Ethan managed to take out the many eyes covering Jack's body, and even though this alone was not enough to keep him down, a quick suggestion from Zoe led Ethan to inject Jack with one of the serums in desperation, causing him to rapidly calcify. With one remaining serum left, Ethan made the difficult choice of curing his own wife Mia over Zoe.

Escaping with Mia

"I'll send help."
— Ethan promises Zoe to send help.

Despite telling Zoe that he would help her, she angrily ordered him to leave with Mia on the boat. As the two propelled their boat through the bayou, Ethan and Mia stumbled upon the wreckage of the tanker Annabelle, but were soon stopped and thrown from the boat by Eveline's mold, capsizing it to prevent Ethan and Mia from leaving the Baker family's residence. Once Mia awoke and started desperately searching for Ethan, she found him lying on the ground unconscious, but he was then quickly taken away by the mold further into the wreckage.

During his imprisonment within the mold, Ethan had a vision where he talked to a calm, sane Jack Baker sitting alongside his daughter Zoe. Jack explained to Ethan that none of the family were truly psychotic killers, but rather Eveline had taken control of their minds and mutated them into monsters, pleading to him to 'free' his family. Mia eventually rescued Ethan from the mold, quickly handing him a tissue sample from Eveline and shutting herself off from him before she was overtaken by the infection once again, telling him to "go kill that little bitch".

Ethan promptly exited the ship and ventured out to the Abercrombie Salt Mine, where he witnessed the arrival of Blue Umbrella forces and eventually came across a lab with the necessary equipment to craft the E-Necrotoxin required to kill Eveline. He then fought his way through the mines and found a passage that led him back inside the Bakers' Guest House, and as he wandered the home he suffered flashbacks of the events that had occurred there previously. Ethan finally confronted Eveline and injected her with the E-Necrotoxin despite her best efforts to force him back, stopping her hallucinations and revealing her true form as the wheelchair-bound "grandma" of the Baker family. As the decrepit woman broke down in tears, her body rapidly followed suit, decaying in seconds until she was one with the Mold beneath Ethan's feet. For a moment it seemed as if Ethan had finally put an end to Eveline, but she then commandeered all of the Mold in the Baker residence, returning as a gargantuan, eldritch and very enraged abomination bent on Ethan's destruction.

Forced to fight one last time for his life, Ethan unloaded all the weaponry he had into Eveline, but to no avail, being thrown around constantly by her. Suddenly, the Blue Umbrella helicopters dropped him a crate containing the Albert-01 loaded with RAMRODs, urging him to use it via his codex. Ethan did so and after a few shots, finally calcified and killed Eveline once and for all. The Umbrella units then began to drop down and secure the area, with one of the soldiers removing his helmet and introducing himself as Redfield before helping Ethan up. On the helicopter out, Ethan happily reunited with Mia once more before leaving the Baker Estate for good.

End of Zoe

"I told you I'd send help. And I always keep my promises."
— Ethan fulfills his promise.

At some point after his escape, Ethan informed Chris and Blue Umbrella about Zoe. After Joe rescued her and the pair were both recovered by Blue Umbrella, Chris contacted Ethan and let him talk to Zoe, reaffirming to her that he kept his promise to send help.

Eastern Europe

Several years after the events of the Dulvey incident, Ethan and Mia have settled into a peaceful life and have given birth to a daughter named Rosemary. At some point, a group of soldiers led by Chris Redfield storm their new residence resulting in the kidnapping of Rosemary and Chris personally executing Mia after apologising for his actions.



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