Further notes
  • If Ethan chooses to cure Zoe Baker at the pier, then Zoe would get on the boat with him while Mia just tells them to go. However, when Eveline stops the boat and capsizes it, she calcifies Zoe and kills her as Ethan is knocked unconscious. In addition, when Mia later finds Ethan and frees him from the mold, rather than buying time for him to escape she is instead forced to fight him by Eveline. When Ethan manages to kill her however, Mia calcifies and dies on the spot, again telling him to "kill that little bitch". Later, after defeating Eveline and getting into the rescue helicopter, rather than reuniting with Mia, Ethan would watch a video of Mia on a cell phone, before saying his final goodbyes and throwing the phone off the helicopter as it leaves the Bakers' property and transports him to safety. The End of Zoe DLC confirmed that this ending is non-canon.
  • It was stated by Masachika Kawata that Ethan is not the same person as the protagonist of the Resident Evil 7 Teaser Demo: Beginning Hour demo.
  • Ethan's face throughout the game is usually obscured from the player, the most the player can see is his lower face like his mouth and chin. However his full face can be seen briefly when Ethan has a hallucination of him being thrown through the wall by Mia in the guest house, however the hallucination ends before the player can get close enough to see his features completely.
  • Regarding the Infection Report, it's heavily implied that Ethan is also infected by the bacterium, best known as Mold.
    • According to the report, the initial infection of a person is recognized by the mold ingesting the nutrients of the victim's body, having as a side effect remarkable regenerative abilities. When Ethan's left hand is impaled by Mia's knife, it heals immediately after a First Aid bottle is used. After getting his left hand severed, Zoe simply staples Ethan's hand and he uses it as it has never been severed of its nerves and tendons, demonstrating remarkable regenerative abilities.
    • Also, if Jack Baker severs Ethan's leg, he can re-attach it back to his body by using a First Aid Med that Jack provided to him. According to the report, test subjects were submitted to the removal of arms and legs, being able to regrow them in a matter of minutes.
    • The report also mentions that the mid-stage of the infection by the Mold, when the bacterium reaches the brain, causes the infected to hear things and see hallucinations, due to be directly connected to the E-Series asset. In the middle of the game, Ethan hears Eveline, an E-Series subject, for the first time while recalling Mia's steps in the Old House, and then hears and sees her after getting the samples of the serum for the first time. Until the end, the visions become more distinctive.
    • Another sign of Ethan's infection is the fact he could communicate with Jack Baker, a known Mold infected, after his defeat, in a possible mutual connection with Eveline.
    • If Ethan chooses to save Zoe instead of Mia, and for that receiving the bad ending for the game, it's possible to notice, in the helicopter, that Ethan's left arm, previously severed, is completely normal and not even stapled. It could be an oversight, or another example of his remarkable regenerative abilities.
    • Another hint is Ethan's skin pallor, which later has a slightly grayish tint and some small blotches on his arm, similar to Jack's skin. This is more noticeable when Ethan interacted with the recently cured Mia aboard the wrecked ship after she rescued him from the mold cocoon.
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