Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Eva was a child native to an isolated mountain village in Eastern Europe. She died after the end of the First World War during the Spanish flu pandemic. She was the daughter of Miranda.


Eva was the daughter of Miranda. At some time during the Spanish flu pandemic, she caught the virus and eventually succumbed to it. Miranda would later go mad with grief over Eva's death and eventually attempt suicide by exposure to the elements, which would lead to Miranda's discovery of the mold. Realizing that the mold's Fungal Root can maintain the consciousness of anyone, Miranda theorized she could revive Eva through finding a suitable host, leading her to include Eva's DNA in the Fungal Root and to manipulate the villagers in partaking in her experiments in finding Eva's possible host. Years of failed experiments led to several mutated monsters that would later ravage the village.

Roughly a century after her death, a sample of Eva's DNA was sent to The Connections by Miranda alongside a sample of mold, and was used to create the bioweapon Eveline. However, Miranda saw this as a failure, as Eveline's unhealthy obsession with having a family caused her to act extremely violently.

Years later, Miranda would gain knowledge of the existence of Ethan Winters' daughter Rosemary, who was born from two mold-mutated parents. Feeling that Rose was her best chance at being Eva's host, she had her kidnapped and dismantled in order to revive her in a ceremony merging her with the Fungal Root's consciousness. Although the ceremony proceeded as planned, Miranda's plan ultimately failed as Rosemary was revived instead of Eva. Enraged by the events, losing her powers, and despondent over failing to revive Eva, she decided that she would become Rosemary's new mother instead. She attacked Winters who had arrived to get his daughter back. Her plan was thwarted by the combined efforts of Winters and Chris Redfield, and she was killed in the destruction of the village.


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