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The Evacuation Operation was an Operation conducted by the Raccoon Police Department in cooperation with the United States National Guard. Its purpose was to evacuate the citizens of Raccoon City

Operation Objectives[]

With the assistance of the US Army, the Operation's goal was to evacuate as many Raccoon citizens as possible by air.


Attention all citizens

This is an important notice from the Raccoon Police Department.

Riots and looting cases are occurring frequently in various districts throughout the city, making the situation now extremely dangerous. Authorities are striving to control the situation, but in order to contain it more rapidly, we urge everyone to temporarily evacuate the area.

We will dispatch a rescue helicopter with the following schedule, please hurry and gather with civil certification.

Location: Zoo Front GateTram Terminal

Time: Today at 10:00, 15:00, 18:00, 22:00 (est.)

In addition, the districts concerned will soon be blockaded zones and civilian entry will be restricted.

After reading, please act as instructed immediately.

Raccoon Police Department

Acting Chief

Raymond Douglas

To the citizens of Raccoon City: This is an important bulletin from the Raccoon City Police Department. Incidents of riots and looting are being reported around the city at an alarming frequency.

We are doing all that we can to bring the city under control and quell the riots, but we recommend that citizens evacuate the area to ensure their safety.

We are dispatching helicopters to the following locations. Please bring proper ID and assemble here: Place: Zoo front gate tram terminal Time : Today at 10 AM. 3 PM. 6PM. 9PM (tentative schedule)

This area will soon be cordoned off, so civilians are advised to disperse immediately. Please follow all orders and, above all, remain calm.

Raymond Douglas
Raccoon City Police Department

市民の皆様へラクーン市警より重要なお知らせです。 現在、市街各地において暴動・略奪事件が多発しており、大変危険な状況にあります。



場所:動物園正門→トラムターミナル 時間:本日10時、15時、18時、22時(予定)

なお当該地区はまもなく封鎖区域となり一般市民の立ち入りは制限されます。 ご理解のうえ、指示に従い速やかに行動してください。




Success of previous evacuations is unknown, However it is presumed that they have been accomplished.

It's implied that for unknown reasons the evacuation scheduled for 22:OOPM, didn't go as Planned with Dozens of Civillians dying on a Helicopter Crash.

Vehicles & Equipment[]


Further Notes[]

In the Localized version of the "Evacuation Order" File, One of the evacuation schedules have been changed. (Likely a mistranslation)

EN: Place: Zoo front gate tram terminal

Time: Today at 10 AM. 3 PM. 6PM. ' 9PM ' (tentative schedule)

JP: 場所:動物園正門-トラムターミナル

時間:本日10時、15時、18時、' 22時 '(予定)