Everyone's gonna die! is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2. It plays during the Claire A scenario.


Brian Irons: "Hahahahaha... So, you've made it this far. Not bad, girl! But I'm not letting anyone leave my town! Everyone's gonna die!"

Claire Redfield: "Calm down, Chief. What happened?"

Irons: "Shut up! You couldn't possibly understand what's happened! Those monsters from Umbrella have destroyed my beautiful town... How could they do that to me after everything I've done for them?!"

Claire: "So it's true: you have been working with Umbrella. Then you must know about the G-Virus. What is it? Tell me!"

Irons: "If you must know. It's the agent that can turn humans into the ultimate bio-weapons. Superior to the t-virus in every way! Dr. William Birkin is the genius behind the project."

Claire: "William Birkin?"

Irons: "I'm sure you've already seen his little girl running around here somewhere. Sherry... isn't it? In case you haven't already figured it out: the monster that's been tearing my precint apart is yet another product... of the G-virus. An ultimate bio-weapon! Umbrella must be trying to cover its tracks. But if I have to go, I'm going to take you with me! My chest... I can't take... the pain!"

Brian Irons:「ついに来たな 大したものだ だが誰一人 この街から逃がさん みんな殺してやる!」

Claire Redfield:「落ち着いて 何があったの?」

Irons:「だまれ お前に私の気持ちなど・・・アンブレラめ 私の街をメチャクチャにしおって それが今まで尽くして来た 私への仕打ちか!」

Claire:「アンブレラに手を貸してたのは本当だったのね じゃ G-ウィルスの事も知ってるわね?」

Irons:「知っているさ 人間の進化を促すウィルス兵器だよ T-ウィルスなど比べものにならん!・・・ウィリアム・バーキンの芸術品だ」


Irons:「彼の娘がその辺にいたな 確か シェリーとか・・・もっといい事を教えてやろう お前が知りたがっている"G"はもう署内にいる "G"の怪物がな もう誰にも止められん! アンブレラも大騒ぎだろう ・・・お前も私も 皆ここで死ぬのだ! 胸が・・・苦しい!」


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