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"You'll be needing a partner, right? Someone suitable to join you in your new world. I believe I've proved I'm worthy, haven't I?"
— Excella to Wesker.

Excella Gionne (エクセラ・ギオネ?) (c.1983-2009) was a British-Italian businesswoman. She is known for her leadership of Tricell, Inc., Africa and her involvement in Tricell's bio-weapons program. She was killed during the 2009 Kijuju Autonomous Zone Incident when she was experimented on against her will by her business partner, Dr. Albert Wesker.


Excella Gionne was born into the Gionnes, a dynasty of wealthy Italian merchants. Through a grandmother, she was also closely related to the British Travis family, who had founded Tricell in the years before her birth. Academically impressive, Gionne was elevated to university education at a young age, and graduated with a BSc majoring in genetic engineering.[2]

Early career[]

With her family connections, Gionne was recruited into Tricell's pharmaceutical division, though was otherwise a minor figure in company politics. This changed not long after being approached by Dr. Albert Wesker, a former Umbrella virologist. Wesker saw her as a worthy business partner to maintain a stake in the bio-weapons industry, and provided her with research data on the t-Virus Project he had both personal experience of and through access to the Umbrella Archives. Wesker's approach took place as the Umbrella Corporation collapsed into financial ruin, and with it Tricell's bio-weapons research was capable of not only surpassing Umbrella's own, but replacing its market share.[2]

With greater respect as an up-and-coming manager, Gionne was put in charge of the entire bioweapons research division. During the Penamstan Civil War in 2000, Tricell secretly colluded with United States Military Major General Wilson and tested a modified strain of the T-virus as well as an experimental drug that would stop the people infected from turning if they continuously used it on the Mad Dogs.[3] Around this time, Tricell had begun secret dealings with Morgan Lansdale, head of the FBC, resulting in the t-Abyss Project. In 2005, Tricell agent Jessica Sherawat recovered a sample of the virus from the Queen Zenobia.

Tricell Africa[]

Excella Gionne 3

Excella preparing a shot of PG67A/W for Wesker.

Around 2006, Gionne gained control of Tricell Inc., Africa, the holding company for Tricell operations on the continent. This position allowed her to establish a massive bio-weapons research facility in the Kijuju Autonomous Zone, within a cavern that housed a former Umbrella facility as well as the natural home of the Progenitor Virus.[2] By hiring Ricardo Irving, a bioweapons dealer, and giving him a role as director of the nearby oil fields, Gionne was able to sell bioweapons in exchange for money to be used for more research and construction.[2] Another addition to her team was Jill Valentine, a former team-member of Wesker's in the 1990s, who had been drugged with P30, a performance enhancer which made her susceptible to suggestion, making her a valuable strongwoman for the team.

Excella in front of Chris and Sheva

Excella in front of Chris and Sheva

The Uroboros Project reached its final stages by the start of 2009. To prevent unexpected information leaks, Gionne ordered the murder of all researchers, leaving day-to-day operations in the hands of a Plaga-parasitised militant workforce. When Irving began using the local area as a means of selling bio-weapons to clients, the BSAA started to take notice of Kijuju, and by March deployed a force to engage them. Information left over by Irving led the BSAA to the Tricell facility, and soon enough Gionne was forced to evacuate on a cargo ship with Wesker,[4] having lost control over Valentine, and lost Irving's life in the build-up. In spite of this pressing emergency, Gionne spent these moments flirting with Wesker as the "Queen" of his idealized new world, providing him with a needed supply of the medicine PG67A/W, and overseeing the Uroboros Mkono test.[5]

RE5 Excella

Excella transformation as Uroboros Aheri

On the cargo ship, the Uroboros Project had reached its completion, and missiles filled with Uroboros were loaded onto an assault bomber. At this point, Wesker saw no further use for Gionne other than killing Chris and Sheva, and infected her with Uroboros to put her claims to the test. Led out into the open against a pile of corpses, the virus failed to stabilize in her body, instead using her body and the pile of corpses to achieve greater mass as a creature known as Uroboros Aheri.[2][6]


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