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The Mercenaries

Excella is playable in The Mercenaries Reunion in Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition. She can easily be considered one of the best Mercenaries Reunion characters because of her strong melees and her flash grenade launcher, making her a first choice for scoring high on stages with high plaga spawns.

Melee Moves

Position Attack Strength
Head High Heel 400 HP
Arm (front) Slap 100 HP
Arm (front) (with Sheva or Rebecca) Cross Slap 500 HP*
Arm (back) Backhand 100 HP
Leg (front) Humiliate 750 HP
Leg (back) First Aid Instant Kill, No Plaga, Makes The Target Explode
Ground Heel Stomp 1200 HP**
Combo Finisher Disco Spin 4000 HP
Grapple Breaker Kick 300 HP
Licker Knockdown Combo Slap 600 HP
Licker Knockdown Combo Stab 1200 HP

*It will cause an instant kill on regular Majini, due to the 100% critical rate it has. However, on other bosses (such as the Giant Majini and Chainsaw Majini) it wil deal 500 HP damage. Also, Plagas may spawn.

**The Heel Stomp actually causes double damage and 600 HP each, the first occurs when she stomps, the second, when she presses her heel against the enemy.


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