Excella Gionne is a file that is awarded in Resident Evil 5.


It will appears in the library upon the completing Chapter 6-2.


The Gionne family is well known and respected throughout Europe for their successful export-import business. Her grandmother being from the Travis family, the founders of Tricell, has endowed Excella with quite a noble and storied lineage. Blessed with model-like beauty and raised in such an aristocratic family has led to being her haughty towards those around her, especially men.

But it was neither Excella's looks or family background that got her to where she is today.

Gifted with a keen intellect and inheriting her father's business acumen, Excella quickly breezed through school and enrolled in a university at a young age. There she majored in genetic engineering, and her talents were recognized by her grandmother's family. With her connections she was able to enter Tricell's pharmaceutical division at the age of eighteen.

Although she was a gifted member of Tricell's founding family, she was still a Gionne, an offshoot of the famed Travis family. Even with all the research teams at Tricell's disposal, she was only given one.

Excella viewed this act as a slight.

While still feeling indignant over this affront, she was approached by Albert Wesker.

Wesker's interest in Excella was piqued by her intelligence and character. It was at this time he provided her with all the information he had concerning the T-Virus and other research. Excella was now armed with the tools to make the advances to her career that she desired.

She used the information and technology she obtained from Wesker to advance Tricell's bioweapons division exponentially.

In a fortunate turn for Tricell, Umbrella, who had previously dominated the bioweapons market, had gone bankrupt, greatly increasing Tricell's sway in the area.

Thanks to Excella's efforts in expanding Tricell's market share, she was given more of a voice within the company. Before long, she was making key decisions that would affect the fortunes of the pharmaceutical division.

This was precisely as Wesker had intended.

Excella then set her sights on the position of CEO of the Tricell Africa Division. Her adroit use of flattery and intimidation soon landed her that powerful position.

It is now believed that it was Wesker who suggested Excella take over Tricell Africa. He exploited her romantic interest in him, and was able to use both her and Tricell Africa to further his Uroboros Plan.
Excella's first order of business as Tricell Africa's CEO was to restore the abandoned Umbrella Africa Research Facility. As the facility where research on the Progenitor Virus had been carried out, its use in the completion of the Uroboros Plan was vital.

Following the facility's restoration, Ricardo Irving was employed to sell bioweapons in order to secure funding for the research being carried out on the Uroboros Virus.

As the Uroboros Plan neared completion, Excella began to fancy herself as the queen in the new world order that would follow the plan's execution. Unfortunately for her, those dreams were dashed when the man that was to be her king injected her with the Uroboros Virus.










The Gionne family Excella grew up in was the family of a well-known trading merchant in Europe.
Moreover, since her grandmother was from the Travis family, the founding family of TRICELL, it could be said that she's from a family of venerable lineage.
She is proud because of her birth; born and raised in a prestigious family with a tendency to look down on those around her (men in particular) with her formidable beauty.

However, she didn't simply take her current position because she was an attractive heiress.
Excella's true nature is in her brilliant intellect.

In addition to her talent for management inherited from her father, she majored in genetic engineering at university where she skipped years, and her talents were valued by TRICELL operated by her grandmother's family, and she became a member of the TRICELL Pharmaceuticals Department at the mere age of 18.

However, despite how gifted she was and coming from the founding family, she was still from the minor Gionne's.
She was given only one of dozens of in-house research teams.
Given her personality and the fact that she doesn't settle for standing under the lee of others, this must've been a considerable humiliation.

That was when she was approached by Albert Wesker.
Wesker had his eyes on her talent and nature and provided Excella with information, such as on the t-Virus he possessed.

These became Excella's surefire weapons.
With the information and technology she brought, TRICELL's bioweapons development achieved rapid development.

Furthermore, the blessing of the collapse of Umbrella, who boasted the top share in the bioweapons market, occurred at the same time, and TRICELL favorably expanded their own share.
It also simultaneously elevated the influence of Excella; the greatest individual who rendered distinguished services in development, and she gradually came to control even the policies of the entire Pharmaceuticals Department.
This result was Wesker's aim.

Next, Excella required the managing director position of the TRICELL Africa Branch.
With the findings of the bioweapons operation and her skillful use of flattery and extortion, she successfully obtained this post.

It's easy to imagine Wesker instigated her inauguration drama to Africa Branch managing director.
Using Excella's feelings of love, Wesker utilized Excella and the TRICELL Africa Branch for his "Uroboros Project."

She took office as the Africa Branch managing director and first restored the previously abandoned "Umbrella Africa Laboratory."
This laboratory was built by Umbrella for Progenitor Virus research and was an absolutely essential facility for the success of the Uroboros Project.
After the laboratory's restoration, she secured research funds for studying the Uroboros Virus while marketing bioweapons using one of her pawns, Irving.

Then the Uroboros Project greeted its final stage.

Although she dreamed of status as queen of the coming new world after the project, she was administered the Uroboros Virus at the hands of the man who was to become her king, Wesker.
The Uroboros Virus began to go out of control when it rejected Excella's genes. She transformed into a giant Uroboros as a result of the virus, which burst through her body and ended her entire life.


The Japanese version of the file directly mentions that the injection of Uroboros resulted in her death, something that was omitted in the localized file (although nonetheless heavily implied).


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