Exchange points are used in the Bonus Features section in Resident Evil 5, and are used to buy and unlock special items and features such as figures, costumes, unlimited ammo for fully upgraded weapons, and Versus Characters.

Exchange points are earned after completing a chapter or finishing a game of The Mercenaries, and the amount you earn is based upon the grade you get.

A profile can have a maximum of 9,999,999 points at one time.

The grade you get for chapters is determined by your accuracy, how many enemies you have "routed" (killed), how many times you have died, and how long it took you to complete the chapter.

Your grade in the mercenaries minigame is based only on total points earned while fighting.

The cost of items range from 0 points (for shooting BSAA emblems) to 500 points (mostly figures) to up to 50,000 (Versus Character).


Rank Amateur Normal Veteran Professional
A 900 1,000 1,500 2,000
S 1,000 1,500 2,000 2,500

Mercenaries Mode

Solo Mode Points Duo Mode Points Rank Exchange Points Earned
0 - 9,999 0 - 19,999 D 200
10,000+ 20,000+ C 600
20,000+ 40,000+ B 1,000
40,000+ 80,000+ A 1,500
60,000+ 120,000+ S 3,000
90,000+ 150,000+ SS 5,000


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