The execution ground (処刑場 shokei-ba?)[1] is an area in Resident Evil 5.


This is where Majini feed their enemies to crocodiles.


In the small tunnel the player starts in, there will be 3 containers that hold random items. As the player steps out to the open area, a scene will play showing the Majini feeding an Alligator. The enemies will be spawned on the map but will not be aware of the player yet. Once they've been alerted, a hoard will flow into the area until they are all defeated. Some of them will have bows and one of others can sprout a Kipepeo.

To where the player drops, there are two containers at the end of another jetty and another two at the opposite end. Walking around this area will trigger 3 more Majini to spawn and enter the area. Walking up to the ladder will cause a scene to play where the Majini raise the bridge by a switch and more enter the area. In order to progress, one player must stand on the raft while the other turns the crank. Getting on the raft will trigger a Checkpoint and while on it, Alligators will try to attack the player, the player can only dodge via quick-time event here until the reach the end. The player must use the "Kick" command to activate the switch to lower the bridge.

Walking up to the now accessible cave will trigger a Checkpoint. Inside the cave, there is a Ruby (Pear) and a Sapphire (Square) inside two torches that can be shot down. Reaching the exit and walking up to the tents will trigger a scene where Chris questions why there are Tricell tents set up.

In this area, there are three Gold (Small)s in the tall grass and some snakes, and a Jewel beetle near the oil barrels, and two barrels inside the cabin. Near the entrance of the tents, there is an Incendiary Grenade, a First aid spray inside of tent, two barrels behind the tents, a B.S.A.A. Emblem in between the tents which can be seen from the backside, and the Type 3 Plagas Field Test document in the other tent. The exit leads to the Oil Field - Refinery and near it is a Ruby (Square) on the cliff.


Location Action Localization Original Script
The bridge while it is up Investigate We're not going that way apparently.
The door locked with the log Investigate It won't open. It's locked from the other side.
The bed in the tent with the document Investigate An IV unit is laying on the bed. This tent was being used for medical purposes.
The bowl in the tent with the document Investigate There's a faint smell of antiseptic. Was it used recently...?
The bed in the other tent Investigate A hospital bed... Why would Tricell need this?
The bowl in the other tent Investigate Smells like medicine in here. Is that antiseptic?

Further notes

If a players shoot a Majini which sent him flying toward the pool, a crocodile will devours it afterward.


Execution Grounds

Tricell Tents



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