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For the Anderson version, see Axeman.

The Executioner Majini was a human victim of the Type-2 Plaga. Either by choice or by the parasitic influence, he joined the Instigator Majini's Islamist rebellion in Kijuju, which saw the deaths of perhaps hundreds of perceived foreigners and race traitors.


This man's life before the rebellion is unknown. When implanted with a Plaga, he reacted differently to its chemical secretions than other people. While enhanced strength was a common side-effect, his was more radical than others. Furthermore, growth hormones led to a significant change in height, making him a towering figure among the other Kijujuans. By mid-January 2009, he had taken up the role of executioner in the Instigator Majini's rebellion, decapitating his enemies.[1][excerpt 1] The Executioner was killed at the square when the audience spotted BSAA agents in the area.


The Executioner makes his appearance in Chapter 1–1, where he destroys a gate separating Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar from the rest of the square.

Other Executioners appear in "Desperate Escape", which re-cycled Majini like the Instigator.

In "The Mercenaries" and "Versus", the Executioner is the boss of both the Public Assembly as well as the Prison, in the latter appearing red. These Executioners are capable of leaping. Due to the re-use of assets, Executioner also appears in Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D and Resident Evil: Revelations 2's Raid Mode.


Killing the Executioner with normal weapons is quite easy to achieve on lower difficulties, provided the player picks up some Hand Grenades and keep shooting around his head area when he drops, or assault him when he drops. Upon dying, the Executioner will drop a gold ring.

The Executioner is slower than the Town Majini, and his attacks are quite reckless to the point of hitting other Majini; he can be used by the player to take out enemies close to him in Chapter 1-1. He's quite dangerous for players fighting him for the very first time in a new game, as they lack any proper firearms (shotguns and magnums), relying on the handgun and grenades, if any.

  • Despite being extremely dangerous, he's quite predictable due to being so slow. His Axe Slam and Choke attacks can be easily dodged, and his recovery from the attack is quite slow too.
  • Though risky, the player can engage to semi-close combat, moving close until he uses Axe Slam and move to his side. This works most effectively in New Game+ and The Mercenaries, since the player can have access to higher arsenal.
  • The Public Assembly has various steel gas oils and electric transformers that can be used to inflict heavy damage and stun him.
  • If, after using a reaction command, his back is turned to you, quickly move away, as he will most likely turn using Axe Swing, which is surprisingly fast.
  • Make use if he is in a crowd of Town Majini's, as his attacks can severely damage or kill easily.
  • He can be avoided easily when taking refuge on rooftops that has no stairway access or even inside the broken rundown bus, leaving the player to only contend with the Town Majini. In Mercenaries, however, rooftops are not an option when avoiding him as he can and will make a high jump. He can still be avoided when taking temporary refuge inside the bus.


Move Description Damage
Slam An overhead slam. Dying status
Double Swing Swings his giant ax-like weapon two times. Has wide range and usually does this as a retaliation after performing a melee combo on him. Can hit surrounding Majinis. Dying status
Berserk Swings his weapon continuously. Usually does this when his health is low. Can also hit surrounding Majinis. Dying status
Grab Grabs the player up in the air, prompting a QTE. Should the player fail to shake him off, he throws the player to the ground, prompting another QTE. He slams his weapon on the player should the player fail the QTE again. Instant death

Melee Prompts

  • Kneel - The Executioner will kneel down after being caught by almost any attack that damages him enough, allowing an opening for Uppercut for Chris, Somersault for Sheva, Sweep Kick for Jill, Tiger Uppercut for Wesker, Burton Kick For Barry, Disco Spin for Excella, Jump Hit for Rebecca and Backhand for Josh Stone. Hand Grenades, Proximity Bombs and most of the Grenade Launcher ammo shots will always leave him in this state.
  • Recovering from Melee - The Executioner will only do this upon being hit by a melee attack. The player will be prompted to do Straight for Chris, Roundhouse for Sheva, High Kick for Jill, Cobra Strike for Wesker, Hurricane for Barry, High Heel for Excella, Flame Spray for Rebecca and Hammer Blow for Josh. [1] He will often use Axe Swing/Berserk after being victim of the second Melee, specially if his back is turned to the player.

Further notes

  • An early idea for the Executioner Majini was that his back would be a weak spot with the Plaga emerging like a flower.[2][excerpt 2]
  • In early trailers of the game, The Executioner is depicted as a Chainsaw Majini wielding an axe.
  • The reason behind the Executioner's exceptional vitality is a muscle and skin enhancing chemical, a unique secretion found only in the Executioner.
  • After the short cutscene in Public Assembly, the Executioner will appear next to the explosive barrel next to the right of the gate. The Executioner cannot be killed before he breaks down the gate.
  • The Executioner appears in the "Price of Support" card in Teppen, which is a recreation of the Hospitality cutscene in Resident Evil 5.
  • The Executioner appears as a unique Infected card in the Resident Evil DBG. There is only one card of his kind in the base set. He has 30 Health, and can inflict 30 Damage if he is not defeated and has no effects. He is one of the few cards that is removed from the Mansion Area in Mercenaries Mode. He is worth 3 Decorations.
  • The Executioner Majini appears in the Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds prologue comic, where it is incorrectly stated he is a creation of Wesker. He confronts Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine at an unnamed research laboratory and appears to have the upper hand before there is a flash of light and the Hulk miraculously appears. The Hulk grabs the Executioner and quickly defeats him before proclaiming "HULK SMASH MONSTER EXECUTIONER!". The Executioner does not appear in the game nor in its update, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.




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