The Executioner Majini (Red) is a very strong Majini that uses a huge flaming axe. This was the original concept design for the Executioner Majini. He is featured in Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D.


He is seen as a modified and more powerful version of the regular Executioner Majini. He can easily be identified because his fiery axe gives off light. Unlike the regular version, this one has a sort of white-blue skin with underwear and an apron around his stomach.

He has a noticeable Plaga or fleshy part on his back similar to the Garrador. It can easily be seen when he is chasing the player.


The Executioner can be found in the Desperate Escape side story of Resident Evil 5. He is fought towards the end if the player is up against Base Majini set of enemies.

In The Mercenaries minigame, he is only seen in the Prison stage. In The Mercenaries Reunion also in the Prison stage, the Red Executioner spawns alternating with normal Executioners.

He also makes an appearance in Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, where he appears as a sub-boss in the EX Missions.


His moveset is the same as the regular one, however, he can absorb far more damage; in some cases, Albert Wesker (Midnight) or Sheva Alomar (FairyTale) can unload an entire cylinder from their S&W M500's into him without the Executioner dying.

The Town Majini that usually accompanies him makes it harder to shoot the Executioner. He is, however, far easier to kill when with Albert Wesker's S.T.A.R.S. uniform or Midnight outfits, and Sheva's Fairy Tale or Business outfits, since those four contain powerful weapons such as the SIG P226, Samurai Edge, Hydra, Desert Eagle, and the S&W M500; Chris Redfield (Safari) and Josh Stone can also work wonders with their Rocket Launchers. When killed, he will give 15,000 points (gold), the largest number of points attainable from any sub-boss.


  • Overhead Swing: Commonly used by the both the normal and red Executioners, the difference is that the red Executioner does this almost 40% faster than the normal. Extreme caution is advised, as this attack will send you right to Dying status.
  • Horizontal Swing: He can swing his axe horizontally, He does this faster than the normal one and it has quite an attack range. It is strongly advised to keep a good distance away from him when he performs this move.
  • Horizontal Swing Rage: This is very similar to the normal swing but instead, he will swing the axe repeatedly. Keep away if he does.
    • Note: He does this when he gets low on health.
  • Grab/Choke: He will grab one of your characters and choke them, where an interactive button sequence appears. You can escape from this, albeit with rather much difficulty, but if you don't, he will violently throw you on the ground and attempt to do an Overhead swing. You can dodge the swing (again, however, the dodge sequence is more difficult to respond to in time than most others), though if you don't, he will bring his axe down on your chest and you will be treated to the game over screen; it is advised to have a partner help you as soon as he grabs you.


  • He has quite a good amount of health, so if the player is not using a character that has strong weapons (say Wesker or Fairy Tale Sheva), then you will want to use everything in your environment to kill him.
  • Grenades can work wonders when Majini surround you and he is with them.
  • Performing combo melee attacks with your partner can help you to defeat him.
  • Flash Grenades can help the player escape when surrounded.
  • Unlike the normal Executioner, this one has a fleshy Plaga weak point on his back. Shooting at it deals more damage.
  • Explosive barrels may be used to stun him.
  • In Desperate Escape, it will take a full cylinder (6 shots) from the S&W M500.
  • Keeping a fair distance from him is advised, as his grab attack is hard to dodge.
  • If the player shoots his head with a magnum a couple of times, he will be stunned, allowing for a melee attack against him. Just like the normal Executioner, it's best to magnum hold him here, using the melee only as he starts to stand to reload and repeat. This exploit is best taken advantage of with two players, as otherwise, the player will get mobbed by Majini.
  • Rocket Launchers should be saved for this character on No Mercy mode, as otherwise, it's nearly impossible to fight more than one at a time.

The Mercenaries 3D

The Red Executioner Majini returns as a Sub-Boss within the EX Missions in the game. His attacks and movements are identical to those of the normal Executioner though he moves and attacks much faster. He is arguably the strongest of all the sub bosses in the game rivaled only by Giant Chainsaw Man. Like Giant Chainsaw Man, he can take a full cylinder of Barry Burton's S&W M500 and still not die. He also hardly makes any noise and is the most silent enemy within the whole game. Example of this is that he will sneak behind out of nowhere, not making any sound and instantly send the player into dying status, causing confusion among players. He is also very hard to stun, compared to other sub bosses.



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