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Experience Kijuju is a blog created by Capcom but written in alternate-reality style by the character "Adam" to promote the release of Resident Evil 5. The blog can be found as a link on BSAA Remote Desktop.


Adam opens up his blogspot blog on Sunday 14 December 2008, having finally gotten an internet connection after several months, even if he can only send out a blog once a week. Part of the country's British colonial population, he has moved to the Kijuju Autonomous Zone in search of a well-paying job. In his blog talks about how the manager at the mine is a screw-up, who suggests unsafe things like bathing in wastewater, and he talks about a local bar being popular among workers from outside Kijuju - former British colonists and recent migrants alike - and how he saw a beautiful blonde woman there one night. He asks around at work later in the week, and finds that she is not a colonist, but a new migrant in with her boyfriend who was offered a job at the mine at the start of the month but rarely attends.

On 23 December, Adam writes about having seen a dead dog lying on a side street, having been decapitated by an unknown individual. He suspects a nearby butcher, but shakes it off as only taking the head would make no sense from a business perspective. He jokes about the general poor health standards of Kijuju, as the butcher's regular source of income is servings of goat that simply hang in the shop for days on end due to having no freezer. He notices something unusual is going on in Kijuju, bigger than the dog, but can't put his finger on what that could be.

On Christmas Day, Adam shows up at work with the others. Their manager arrives late, and takes out the names of five workers who are needed at another site, including some of the migrant workers Adam drinks with regularly. Drinking alone at the bar, Adam meets the blonde woman again, who agrees to drink with him. The woman also mentions having seen strange things lately, such as mutilated animal carcasses on the streets. Adam brings up the dead dog he saw, along with graffiti and posters being put up all over the city. The woman talks about her boyfriend, and mentions how he went to work recently and simply vanished, but Adam assumes he's just deliberately avoiding her.

Having left Kijuju after Christmas to see family, Adam returns at the start of January, much to the displeasure and worry of his parents. In his first week back, he feels the city has become "oppressive" in its atmosphere. The locals stare at him all the time, putting him at unease. Even the butcher, talking to a man in a turban, turns towards him. Thinking back to the butcher, he wonders if the butcher really is responsible for the animal killings, as they were all close to his shop. While he no longer cares about a butcher making money from dog meat, he is more concerned about the posters and graffiti, and wonders if he is part of some political group stirring up trouble.

The following Friday, Adam meets the woman again, and finally finds out her name is Allyson. They drink whiskey at the bar together, and are interrupted by a drunken man in sunglasses. The man angrily shouts to the other patrons about how foreigners should be thrown out of Kijuju so they can "take" it back. The man gets the attention of everyone in the bar, both local and migrant. The butcher watches closely, as a patron throws a bottle at the man in sunglasses. A brawl begins, dragging in migrant workers and the racist mob. Adam and Allyson flee back to his place, the nearest of their two apartments, for safety. In the morning, she announces she is going home as soon as she finds her boyfriend and leaves.

On Friday 23 January, a week after the bar fight, Adam is woken up by people shouting out angrily at something. Looking out, he sees people massing at the assembly plaza, stacking bloody human-sized sacks into a pile. The man in sunglasses stands before them, delivering a violent address about "justice" and the "celebration of death". They clear a path as a man carries a torch to light the pile of bodies, all while the mob cheers. One of the sacks opens up in the flames, revealing the butcher to be there.

On Friday 30 January, Adam writes in his blog again. He has not opened his curtains since the bonfire, and writes that the man in sunglasses is continuing to deliver addresses to the mob. Finally building up the courage to open the curtains, he sees the mob has expanded to a massive size, more people than he normally sees in Kijuju. In the crowd is one of his drinking friends who was "transferred". Later in the day he heads out to the bar, hoping to find his friend, but finds the barkeeper was killed in the fight two weeks ago, and the bar subsequently ransacked.

On Friday 6 February, Adam writes again. Allyson has moved in with him in the week following his last blog. She has not found her boyfriend, who is still missing, and her hotel has been trashed by a racist mob who have taken away several guests. Each day, Adam notes, the mob outside the plaza increases, with the angry mob eagerly listening to the man with sunglasses.

On Friday, 13 February, Adam writes that Allyson is still living with him. The mob has built a platform at the plaza so the man in sunglasses can deliver addresses from higher up. A man is dragged onto the platform by the crowd, with two others holding him down while a giant in a black hood decapitates him with a giant axe. The mob celebrates the man's death, and Adam quickly forces Allyson away from the window so she does not see. In the past week, Adam has occasionally ventured outside when the mob is dispersed, and only sees "them", as he describes, who look at him with rage but do not attack. Much of Kijuju's buildings have now been covered in identical graffiti slogans, and animal have so frequently been savagely mutilated it is hard not to notice. Adam is sure he has seen human body parts as well, but tries not to look too closely. On another day in the week, he sees a man being dragged into a building. Adam follows soon after, and finds blood all over the place, with the victim's head touching his attackers. Elsewhere, he walks past a group of men kicking a man in a burlap sack, but stop when he walks past to stare at him. Another man throws a corpse down a well. Elsewhere, a man running a stall is selling intestines - human or otherwise - to his patrons rather than more typical foods. A nearby dog, Adam spots, has tentacles coming out of its mouth like it is suffering from a strange parasite. The dog is angry at him too, but runs off. At the end of the blog, he writes that the locals are still bringing up more people to the platform for execution.

On Friday 20 February, Adam reports that the national army has arrived. Rather than fight the racist mobs, they instead construct a wall to keep them sealed in Kijuju, while they patrol the outside with automatic rifles, ready to gun down anyone who tries to escape. Unable to escape, he calls on his readers to send for help.

On February 27 February, Adam wakes up to find Allyson has left the apartment, leaving behind a note saying she can't stay boxed in the apartment any more and has lost hope Adam's computer typing will save them. He recalls she was previously asking him about the mine and its underground passageways, and thinks back she may be trying to escape through there.

On Friday 6 March, Adam writes again. He has seen another beheading at the platform. This time, however, he hears gunshots right after. A man and woman are shooting members of the mob from a nearby building. A helicopter flies over and a rocket is fired at a steel gate at the plaza. After the explosion, the mob disperses, leaving the man and woman left. With binoculars, he spots "BSAA" on the sleeves of the man, and realises that the mob violence must be related to bioterrorism in some way. He expects to be saved soon enough, and eagerly hopes to blog again about beer and women.


Blog entries
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