The Experimental Facility is a location that appears in Resident Evil 5.


The game automatically save once player reaches this area. Player can walk front and collect handgun ammo, machine gun ammo, hand grenade and shotgun shells.

Once player proceed toward the facility, a cutscene will played before the U-8 appears. Player must avoid being attacked by the U-8 in a quick-time event. Failed to avoid the attack will result as a game over.

When the battle begins, player can run across the platform grabbing necessary items such as the green herbs and shotgun shells whenever the U-8 gives chase, and then stop to shoot the red weak spots on its front legs once it pauses. Once player inflict sufficient damage, this will cause the U-8 to temporarily collapse. Player can either fire or toss a hand grenade inside the U-8 mouth. This is needed to be done several times before the U-8 dies.[1]

Another cutscene will played before the chapter ends.

In chapter 5-2, player can investigate the control panel to read the "Test Subject Data". The next location is the power station.



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