The Experimental Facility Passage is a location for Resident Evil 5, which it is featured in Chapter 5-2.


The game will automatically save once player reaches this area. Player can find a green herb and a handgun ammo inside the crate ahead. There will be another crate that can be found at the corridor toward the right.

The passage will be occupied with many Licker β. Player can retreat around the corner and switch to the powerful weapon available. Player will encounter two more after turning a corner, with a much larger group entering the passage through the ventilation shaft.[1]

Player can either sprint toward the exit or battle the Lickers, gaining plenty of Lion heart gems by killing them.

The next area is the Missile Area 1st Floor.


Further notes

It's possible that this area was ordered incorrectly by Capcom. The presence of Lickers and the name suggest that this area was to follow the Progenitor Virus House and precede the Experimental Facility.



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