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Extra Episode 2: Little Miss (EX EPISODE 2 「小さな女」?) is an Extra Episode in Resident Evil: Revelations 2.


It takes off where Natalia wakes up at the end of the six-month period leading up to Barry's arrival. The episode starts with Natalia and Lottie in a dream. Natalia wakes up in a very strange room and meets up with Dark Natalia, who has Lottie's letters for Natalia.

With the help of Dark Natalia, Natalia has to venture through many places on the island without being spotted by the "monsters". On the way, Dark Natalia attempts to convince Natalia to give up on looking for Lottie and let her take over. Natalia refuses and continues to search for Lottie.

After Natalia finds Lottie, it is revealed that it was all a trap concocted by Alex's consciousness in order to take over Natalia's body. The plan failed however. Lottie and Dark Natalia disappears, and Natalia finds herself in front of the docks where she eventually meets Barry Burton.

Further notes

  • The gameplay of this episode is solely based on stealth. There are few types of creatures in this episode: Revenants, Splashers and Glasps. Once the creatures see Natalia, the game is over.
  • Natalia has to hide from the "monsters" and reach the goal where Lottie's letters are with the help of Dark Natalia, who serves as a navigator.
  • Natalia has access to only one weapon: Smokescreen Bottles.
  • There are 3 sections in this episode, the first is the sewer, the second is the Wossek area, and the third is the forest located behind the radio tower.