The Struggle is an extra episode in Resident Evil: Revelations 2.


Moira Burton tells the story of her survival on the island during the six-month period between Claire's departure and Barry's arrival.

In the extra episode The Struggle, Evgeny Rebic rescued Moira from near death after Claire was forced to leave her behind in the crumbling tower. At first he was reluctant to assist her, but he allowed her to live with him as long as she agreed to follow his rules, carry her own weight and join him on his hunts. When asked by Moira if they could search for an escape off the island he refused, saying there is no point and that she needs to "face reality". Together the two would continue to hunt for survival for the six months in between Claire leaving and Barry arriving on the island.

With nothing on her mind but her father Barry, Moira one day tried to secretly find a way off the island, being sick of some man who told her what to do and who "thought he knew better than her". This however ended in disaster as Moira led a number of Afflicted to the sewers. Together she and a very disgruntled Evgeny fought them off so as to not compromise their hideout.

When six months of survival had passed, food became scarce due to a new kind of monster killing off wildlife. Evgeny suggested increasing their hunts and stockpiling food before it was too late. Among the final supplies they found a document listing inhabitants taken to the nearby mines to be experimented on, and on that list one name shocked Evgeny; Irina Rebic, his daughter. Seeking an explanation or the whereabouts of Irina, they set off to the mines. Moira decided it was best to give Evgeny closure, something she feared her father might not get if she was to die on the island. While she followed through willingly, she was starting to dislike the fact that Evgeny kept distancing himself from her for what she thought was fear of losing something else.

After a tough fight with a number of Revenant and several Durga, they discovered a letter of Irina's last words. Upon reading it, Evgeny was forced to face his own reality that she was gone. It made him give up on what was left of his life and lock himself away from Moira to spend his last sick moments alone to be at peace with his daughter, only to inspire Moira further to survive on the island and to see her father once more.

The episode finally ends with Moira walking in on the Uroboros-mutated Alex Wesker in the process of killing Barry and Natalia, where the end of Episode 4: Metamorphosis takes place.



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