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The Extra Files are a series of digital archives found on Resident The files cover basic information about creatures, characters, and merchandise across the entire Resident Evil series, while adding in some detailed trivia as well.

The files are broken down into two categories: Creature Encyclopedia, which showcases various enemy mutations throughout the series classed by viral strain; and Digital Archives, which details characters, locations, and real-world collectibles. These files contain origins, summaries, and guide information for the entries and therefore contain many unmarked spoilers.


Creature Encyclopedia

Zombie (T-Virus)

REmake artwork - Zombie.jpg


Zombies are humans resurrected from the dead, mostly due to T-Virus infection. Symptoms of the T-Virus include mutation and progressive skin decay. They are known as "Zombies" due to their grotesque, corpse-like appearance. They wander in search of human flesh, their only source of nutrition, as they constantly require vast amounts of energy to sustain the sudden increase in metabolic demand. Although small amounts of damage will not deter a Zombie, they can be terminated by destroying the head.


The Zombies featured in RE1 are among the most well-known, but there are many different types of Zombie such as the Zombie cops and the "sexy" tank top-wearing Zombie girls in RE2. Characters like Edward, Forest, and Brad from S.T.A.R.S. are also zombified. Steve, in Code Veronica, is tragically forced to gun down his own zombified father in perhaps what is one of the most emotional scenes in the series."
— Extra Files, Creature Encyclopedia,
Zombie (T-Virus)

Hunter (T-Virus)



A combat B.O.W. with scale-like skin and long, razor-sharp claws, created by exploiting the T-Virus to cross reptilian and other DNA with a fertilized human ovum. While Zombies are the result of unintentional T-Virus infection, the aptly-named Hunter was specifically engineered and ruthlessly tracks down its target with its superior strength and incredible agility.


The Hunter's oppressive presence has been a staple of the series since RE1 when the very first Hunter appeared when the player was returning to the Mansion from the Guardhouse. They have been relentlessly pursuing players ever since then, and their notoriety as one of the tougher enemies is well deserved. Who knows how many players have fallen victim to a Hunter's long claws while trying to slip past one as if it were just a Zombie. As might be expected of a weapons research project, a variety of Hunters were eventually developed, including the Hunter α, Hunter β, and Hunter γ, each with their own individual characteristics."
— Extra Files, Creature Encyclopedia,
Hunter (T-Virus)

El Gigante (Plaga)

Resident Evil 4 artwork - El Gigante.jpg


Created by Plaga implantation (the parasites formerly confined beneath Salazar Castle) and genetic manipulation, El Gigante, as its Spanish name suggests, is four times the size of a normal human being. Although it is endowed with incredible strength and endurance, its intelligence is severely impaired—Ganados that fail to keep their distance are often killed in its blind rage, and few Gigantes have been created due to this uncontrollable brutality.


Gigantes are encountered in three memorable battles in RE4. The first encounter stands out due to the sheer impact of seeing the Gigante for the first time, and the dog that heroically appears (depending on the player's previous actions) to distract the Gigante will have no doubt brought a smile to many. The third encounter, which sees the player face two Gigantes at once, is also surely etched into the minds of many players. While it isn't necessary to defeat the Gigante that appears during the second encounter, hardcore RE4 players will want to take it down for the large peseta drop."
— Extra Files, Creature Encyclopedia,
El Gigante (Plaga)

Ganado Cultist (Plaga)



Ganados are humans implanted with and controlled by Plagas, parasites that were formerly confined beneath Salazar Castle. While the humans implanted with Plagas lose the ability to reason independently once the parasite has latched onto their central nervous system, they retain their intelligence and are able to communicate with and understand one another. The type of Ganado that develops after implantation depends on the human host—these particular Ganados are adherents of the cult of Los Iluminados.


Ganados are intelligent, which clearly distinguishes them from Zombies, who obey only the most rudimentary of survival instincts. Being screamed at in a human language—even one that's incomprehensible—results in a kind of fear that's entirely different from that which is experienced when facing Zombies. Incidentally, the Ganados speak in Spanish, and all of their lines actually mean something—finding out what can be an enlightening experience to say the least..."
— Extra Files, Creature Encyclopedia,
Ganado Cultist (Plaga)

Executioner Majini (Evolved Plaga)



The incredibly powerful Executioner Majini is the result of the implantation of the Type 2 Plaga parasite into individuals with a superior physique. Implantation increases the individual's original strength and endurance several-fold, allowing them to wield an enormous ax-like weapon made by chaining a guillotine blade to a pole; the ax is brought down on anyone foolish enough to refuse Plaga implantation themselves. This Majini has a fitting name indeed...


Although the formidable dimensions of the Executioner Majini and its ax are instantly recognizable now, during development it was the final game's Chainsaw Majini who wielded the ax and had the honor of the "Executioner" title. The spikes that protrude from the Executioner were added at the very last minute to enhance its already menacing appearance. You can find similar notes and development anecdotes in "The Art of Resident Evil 5.""
— Extra Files, Creature Encyclopedia,
Executioner Majini (Evolved Plaga)

Licker (T-Virus)



Lickers are the result of a mutation caused by the progression of the T-Virus infection in a zombified human host's body. They were named by Raccoon City Police Department personnel for their peculiarly long tongues. Having completely lost all sense of sight, Lickers are unable to track prey visually; to compensate they have an overdeveloped sense of hearing, and will attack victims with their tongue and claws at the slightest sound.


Although Lickers were originally the result of an unintended mutation, they were adopted as B.O.W.s due to their potential, and are among the more infamous of Resident Evil's creatures thanks to their wall-climbing abilities and long tongues. Many players will remember the shock of being assaulted by a room full of Licker βs after opening the shutters of a certain area in Resident Evil 5. Miguel, the self-styled "genius" behind the Licker β, was also heavily involved in the research of the Uroboros virus."
— Extra Files, Creature Encyclopedia,
Licker (T-Virus)

Lurker (T-Virus)



A B.O.W. created during initial T-Virus research when compatibility screenings of various species with the virus resulted in a number of failed experiments. The Lurker was the result of a compatibility screening with an amphibian—specifically, a frog. Although highly aggressive, its low intelligence hindered its implementation as a B.O.W.—Lurkers display no brain development after infection with the T-Virus and cannot be controlled, a severe blow to their usefulness as a weapon. It is therefore believed that amphibians are not sufficiently compatible with the T-Virus, and the failure of a later amphibian-based project, the Hunter γ, points to a similar conclusion.


Lurkers appear in RE0 and, while they are by nature limited to the water areas, the sight of what looks like an enormous frog can be somewhat disturbing. Their long tongue attack makes them reminiscent of the Licker, but what makes the Lurker different is that it will actually swallow the player whole after attacking. It is a good idea to make sure your partner is well armed in areas where Lurkers appear, as this attack causes instant death if successful."
— Extra Files, Creature Encyclopedia,
Lurker (T-Virus)

Ndesu (Evolved Plaga)

Resident Evil 5 artwork - Ndesu.jpg


A gargantuan B.O.W. created by utilizing the data obtained from the European-developed El Gigante, Ndesu has the honor of being the largest humanoid Plaga-implanted creature. Although it can be neutralized by destroying all five of the Plagas present in its enormous body, this is no small feat given its astounding Plaga-induced resilience. Ndesu's superhuman strength also allows it to almost nonchalantly pick up and fling incredibly heavy objects such as telephone poles and military Jeeps.


Ndesu is named after a mythical ogre-like cannibal from Central Africa and is encountered just at the point when the player expects a breather, where it promptly crushes a BSAA member underfoot. The ensuing car chase is similar to a shooting game—the restricted movement imposed by the Jeep combined with the impact of Ndesu as it forces its way closer makes for a remarkably tense experience.[note 1] Irving reveals his utter lack of professionalism when deploying Ndesu in a fit of childish revenge: a true businessman would never have squandered his own wares so carelessly."
— Extra Files, Creature Encyclopedia,
Ndesu (Evolved Plaga)

Stinger (T-Virus)



The Stinger is the final B.O.W. form of a scorpion that has undergone incredibly rapid growth due to T-Virus administration. While the virus causes the total body length to grow to around three meters, exoskeleton reinforcement, and pincers hard enough to slice through steel, the characteristic scorpion tail stinger produces no venom, and there is still much room for improvement as a B.O.W. Due to a defect in the carapace, attacking the head reveals the brittleness of the surrounding exoskeleton.


The Stinger makes its appearance on the second-floor drawing room aboard the luxury European-style train Ecliptic Express.[note 2] The combination of the cramped train carriage and the Stinger's huge size inevitably results in most attacks being directed at its head, and its weak point being exposed. In a way, one might even feel sorry for the Stinger: had the battle taken place in a wider area such as a field, it might have had more of a chance, and it would have provided the player with more of a challenge."
— Extra Files, Creature Encyclopedia,
Stinger (T-Virus)

U-8 (Evolved Plaga)



One of the B.O.W.s created by the Plaga weapon development project. It features a massive armored carapace some tens of meters long, essentially a weapon in and of itself, and three-meter long claws, which it uses in close combat to devastating effect. The ventral area, in nature used for incubation, houses aerial B.O.W. drones. While these are understandably often mistaken for a larval form of the U-8, they are actually a completely separate B.O.W. species.


Much like the previously introduced Stinger, and in what seems to be the fate of all armored B.O.W.s, the U-8 also suffers from a weak point in its carapace. According to an in-game file, an improved version of the U-8 with a fully formed carapace known as the U-8 Prime was also produced, but it fails to make an appearance in the game itself. During development yet another version of the U-8 known as the U-8 Turbo was planned. This version would forgo armor altogether in favor of speed, but ultimately it was never even mentioned in the game, not even in the game files."
— Extra Files, Creature Encyclopedia,
U-8 (Evolved Plaga)

Bandersnatch (T-Virus)



A human-derived prototype B.O.W., developed as a more general-purpose Tyrant by placing particular emphasis on practicality rather than attempting to produce the perfect weapon. Its most distinguishing feature is its ability to extend its flexible right arm almost instantaneously, a trait hitherto unseen in humanoid B.O.W.s. While this grants the Bandersnatch certain advantages when pursuing its target, it nevertheless suffers from decreased mobility due to atrophy of the lower limbs, which in turn has an impact on its suitability for rapid deployment.


Although the size of its right arm may remind you of William Birkin after he infected himself with the G-Virus, the Bandersnatch is more aggressive. Its arm can be used not only for attacks, but also to move between entire floors. Running up a flight of stairs might fool most creatures, but the Bandersnatch stops at nothing. While this may seem obvious, its powerful arm can only attack the right hand side, and its left arm is virtually useless, so approaching from the left is the smart choice when taking on a Bandersnatch."
— Extra Files, Creature Encyclopedia,
Bandersnatch (T-Virus)

Nosferatu (t-Veronica Virus)

Darkside Chronicle CG model - Nosferatu.jpg


What was once Alexander, the sixth head of the Ashford family. Alexander mutated into a brutal monster after failing to assimilate the T-Veronica virus administered by his own daughter, Alexia. The virus induced tentacle growth and caused the heart to be exposed through the ribs. Venom is also produced inside the body and reacts with oxygen to produce a toxic fog. Nosferatu's lethal nature resulted in it being confined beneath the Antarctic Base for fifteen years.


Considering how much of the plot revolves around family relations—for example, Alexia using her father as a Guinea pig, Steve being forced to kill his own father, Chris attempting to rescue his sister Claire, and Alfred suffering from a twisted complex about his sister Alexia—"family" could well be considered the sub-theme permeating Code Veronica. Try playing the game once more while keeping this in mind, and you may see some things in a different light."
— Extra Files, Creature Encyclopedia,
Nosferatu (t-Veronica Virus)

Cerberus (T-Virus)



The Cerberus is a B.O.W. created by administering the T-Virus to a Doberman, a large breed of dog suitable for military use. Although the effects of the virus include considerable skin decay, the Cerberus's speed, leaping ability, endurance, and aggressiveness are all substantially enhanced, and it retains the canine trait of being excellent at attacking in packs. Its low price point, efficiency as a weapon, and excellent cost-effectiveness have made the Cerberus an outstanding success.


While the dogs of Resident Evil are no doubt familiar to most fans, some players may not be aware that there are actually two different types. The Cerberus described above was developed as a B.O.W., but other dogs in the series have simply undergone incidental zombification, for instance after eating T-Virus contaminated food, and are usually known simply as Zombie Dogs. Both are equally despised as difficult targets to track due to their fast, erratic movements."
— Extra Files, Creature Encyclopedia,
Cerberus (T-Virus)

Monster Steve (T-Veronica Virus)



The mutated form of Steve Burnside after having been captured and administered the T-Veronica Virus by Alexia Ashford. The disfiguring effects of the virus make it difficult to discern any remaining human features apart from his face. His mind was not completely overwhelmed however, and he is able to regain control of himself in order to defend Claire with his own life.


There are a number of examples of humans who mutate after being administered with a pathogen, from William Birkin who infects himself with the G-Virus, Irving who does the same with a dominant strain Plaga-based parasite, and Excella who is forcefully administered the Uroboros virus. Steve, thanks to his feelings for Claire, is one of only a few who were able to regain consciousness once infected, which may explain why he remains a popular character even though he has only appeared in a single game."
— Extra Files, Creature Encyclopedia,
Monster Steve (T-Veronica Virus)

Chainsaw Ganado (Plaga)



Ganados are humans parasitized by the subordinate-strain Plaga. Chainsaw Ganados have adapted more successfully to the invading Plaga compared with normal Ganados, and this endows them with superb physical strength and endurance. Their appetite for destruction is evident in the manner in which they brandish their lumber chainsaw and relentlessly pursue anything perceived as an enemy.


Wearing a dirty shirt, suspenders, and a sack over his head, the Chainsaw Ganado is anything other than ordinary. The Chainsaw Sisters, whose heads are wrapped in bandages, and the giant Chainsaw Ganado, who wields a double-bladed chainsaw, are other examples of Chainsaw Ganado. As the latter only appears in The Mercenaries, those who haven't seen one yet should give the extra mode a shot."
— Extra Files, Creature Encyclopedia,
Chainsaw Ganado (Plaga)

Jack Krauser (Plaga)

RE.NET Extra File Jack Krauser (Plaga).jpg


A former American soldier and one-time partner of Leon, Krauser joined Wesker after his military discharge and was ordered to infiltrate the cult of Los Illuminados. It was Krauser himself who carried out the kidnapping of the U.S. President's daughter, Ashley. Although Krauser's orders were to obtain a Plaga sample, he was seduced by its power and was willingly embedded with the dominant-strain variant in order to acquire superhuman abilities. After a confrontation with his old partner Leon, Krauser decides to settle things once and for all through combat, but he is ultimately overwhelmed.


Although Krauser's rivalry with Leon is his biggest claim to fame, he also stands out among the characters available for use in The Mercenaries. As his main weapon is a bow, he can attack continuously without having to reload, and his invaluable left arm thrust can take out any enemy in one hit, a useful ability when chaining combos."

Crow (T-Virus)

RE.NET Extra File Crow (T-Virus).jpg


Crows can suffer secondary infection by eating virus-contaminated dead flesh and will aggressively attack humans with little provocation. Although healthy crows are usually startled by loud noises, infected crows are rarely deterred even by the sound of a gunshot, presumably another effect of the T-Virus. As a potential airborne vector, crows pose a dangerous threat during epidemics as they can drastically increase the area of infection.


RE1 veterans will no doubt be picturing the crows in the painting gallery, although dropping the crows in RE5 can be a lucrative distraction."

Garrador (Plaga)

RE.NET Extra File Garrador (Plaga).jpg


Garradors are the result of body-strengthening Plaga experiments and as such display outstanding physical abilities. They have a row of razor-sharp extensible claws with bent tips affixed to each of their arms. As Garradors will viciously attack anything that enters their field of vision, their eyelids are stitched shut, and they are securely restrained in cells until needed. To compensate for their blindness, they have a heightened sense of hearing. Using this, they can accurately locate their targets and dismember them with their claws.

RE4 and RE5 both feature enemies with elusive weak points that need to be revealed if one is to have any hope of defeating them. These points usually manifest themselves as a Plaga parasite, and the Garrador is no exception (the Plaga is located on its spine).

If you don't attack the Plaga on a Garrador's spine, you'll deal only one tenth of the damage you would do otherwise. So rather than a weak point, the Plaga could be considered the *only* damageable point."

Colmillos (Plaga)

RE.NET Extra File Colmillos (Plaga).jpg


Plaga-parasitized dogs that move in packs, attacking intruders in waves. Their name is the Spanish word for "fangs," which are their primary weapon, and which have grown to such an extent that they almost tear through the mouth. The parasite will also occasionally break through the skin on the Colmillo's back and use its tentacles to attack. Their canine fighting abilities are augmented with increased aggression and endurance due to Plaga assimilation.


There are two variants of Plaga-infected dogs, Colmillos (RE4) and Adjule (RE5), and they are formed somewhat differently: while Colmillios feature only enlarged fangs, Adjule grow a set of densely packed fangs between the two halves of their split heads. It would be interesting to know whether this difference is due to the type of dog infected, or due to the different Plaga variants used (the improved Plagas of RE5 are a result of B.O.W. research)."

Giant Moth (T-Virus)

RE.NET Extra File Giant Moth (T-Virus).jpg


A moth used for experiments that has escaped the Umbrella research lab. Although infection with the T-Virus has enlarged its body size considerably, the wings were not affected to the same degree, and it is only able to fly in short bursts. Even with limited movement it is not to be underestimated, however, as the number and toxicity of its scales has also been greatly increased. Its larval form is known as the Baby Moth.

Although the most well-known effect of the T-Virus is zombification, as can be observed in humans, gigantism is just as common. It is an effect that exhibits itself in the Giant Moth and other creatures previously described such as the giant scorpion, the Stinger.

Giant versions of familiar creatures are usually enough to provoke a visceral kind of fear, which is made all the worse when applied to creatures that are already creepy such as moths."

Ivy (T-Virus)

RE.NET Extra File Ivy (T-Virus).jpg


Formally designated Plant 43, Ivy is a B.O.W. developed through analysis of the data collected from Plant 42, the plant accidentally created in the Arklay laboratory guardhouse. As a result of selective breeding, the plant is capable of independent locomotion and can attack and ensnare prey through the use of its two tentacles. Additionally, the head-like bulb sprays a fluid containing digestive enzymes which can incapacitate victims. Ivies possess an exceptional ability to adapt to the surrounding environment, adapting almost immediately even to airborne toxins.


Although carnivorous plants can be found in the real world, their existence is limited to basic responses to external stimuli. Due to T-Virus administration and other B.O.W. research related improvements, through a process that could be defined as evolution, Ivies have come to possess a primitive intelligence. Much like the similar Uroboros virus, the T-Virus has the effect of accelerating the evolutionary rate of infected species."

Plague Crawler (T-Virus)

Plague Crawler CG art.jpg


A B.O.W. developed by genetically manipulating multiple generations of T-Virus infected insect species. Created in the early days of T-Virus research, the Plague Crawler is around two meters in size and has giant, lethal, scythe-like forearms. While it was ultimately found to be unsuitable for use in actual combat, and further research was canceled and the specimens destroyed, a number of Plague Crawlers were able to escape processing at the Umbrella Management Training Facility, so the species cannot be said to be completely extinct.


Manipulating the genes of creatures to improve them or to produce a new species is a process that happens in the real world, but the use of the T-Virus produces far more drastic results such as the sporadic mutation of a creature's features, or the merging of multiple creatures into a single organism. Together with gigantism and the accelerated evolution mentioned earlier, this merging ability is another one of the T-Virus's more obvious features."

Mimicry Marcus (Progenitor Virus)

RE.NET Extra File Mimicry Marcus (Progenitor Virus).jpg


A slew of countless leeches that takes the form of the late Professor James Marcus*. When threatened, the leeches abandon their illusion, reform, and prepare for attack (while they still maintain a vague humanoid form, all vestiges of Professor Marcus disappear completely). They attack by elongating what would be the arm, lashing it out like a whip.

*Professor James Marcus: The first head of the Umbrella Management Training Facility.


Grouping together to mimic another creature is extraordinary behavior for lowly worms such as leeches to display. This behavior is a result not only of the accelerated evolution of each individual leech due to the Progenitor virus, but also of the fact that the leeches have developed a way to share and process information with each other in the same way that computers can perform parallel processing. This phenomenon would not have been possible without the Progenitor virus, a marvel even Professor Marcus himself would have been unable to foresee, and it is proof that the Progenitor and T-Virus's mutational and evolutionary abilities are beyond current human understanding."

Lisa Trevor (Various)

RE.NET Extra File Lisa Trevor (Various).jpg


Grotesquely disfigured and with almost no recollection of her former self, Lisa Trevor has been subjected to a variety of horrific experiments for the last 20 years; her body is now little more than a living incubator for new prototype virus strains. She takes particular interest in attacking female researchers, perhaps mistaking them for her own mother, who lost her life in similar experiments.


Mutations due to virus infection can occasionally produce unexpected results. The Licker may be one of the more well-known examples, but Lisa Trevor, who endured not only mutation but was also the source of the G-Virus, is by far the most extreme case. It is unknown whether the virus was a result of the synthesis of two or more of the other pathogens she was administered with, or if it was created due to the influence of some other unknown factor she possessed. The G-Virus made her all but immortal, and this fact is reflected in-game. For those seeking more information, her fate is detailed in The Umbrella Chronicles."

Proto Tyrant (T-Virus)

RE.NET Extra File Proto Tyrant (T-Virus).jpg


A prototype of the "ultimate life form" B.O.W., the Tyrant. Like the production model, its heart is exposed, and due to excessive skin decay its spinal cord is also visible. While its external appearance leaves no doubt as to its incompleteness, its physiological features match those of the production model and it met its designated targets as a prototype. The Proto Tyrant's aggressiveness in particular closely resembles that of the production model once freed of its Power Limiter, and it also displays outstanding vitality.


The T in T-Virus stands for Tyrant. This is a clear indication of the primary goal of T-Virus related B.O.W. research: the Tyrant series. In the case of the Proto Tyrant, the amount of brain development necessary to execute orders was underestimated, and this, along with other adverse effects caused by excessive use of the T-Virus, led to its failure. While its external appearance may not make up for its shortcomings in any practical sense, compared to the production model, it is perhaps more representative of the "horror" of Resident Evil."

Regenerador (Plaga)

RE.NET Extra File Regenerador (Plaga).jpg


The Regenerador was created through experimentation by implanting multiple Plaga parasites in a single human host. As can be inferred from its Spanish name, it possesses incredible regenerative capabilities and can replace lost body parts almost instantaneously. Although still humanoid, it has suffered a variety of peculiar mutations including the loss of both ears and the nose, glowing red eyes, and a constantly drooling mouth split wide open with a row of sharp, fang-like teeth. Nothing human remains as far as intelligence is concerned.


Regeneradors can be defeated by shooting at the embedded Plagas with a thermal scope-equipped rifle. Should a Regenerador fail to collapse after destroying all of the visible Plagas, there will be one more hidden on their back. The Ndesu from RE5 was also host to multiple Plagas and was conceived as a Gigante-based B.O.W. with additional Regenerador features. This helps illustrate that B.O.W. development is not performed by repeated, random experimentation, but follows a specific methodology similar to regular weapons development."

Giant Majini (Evolved Plaga)

RE.NET Extra File Giant Majini (Evolved Plaga).jpg


Members of the Ndipaya tribe whose height grew to around three meters due to an unexpected side effect of experimental Type 3 Plaga implantation. They are able to summon their companions with a war cry and wield crude handmade clubs fashioned from skulls and spikes. Both their offensive and defensive abilities are far superior to those of regular Wetland Majini.


In the same way that certain creatures and individuals display exceptional compatibility with viruses, Giant Majini display exceptional compatibility with Plagas. The main sign of high compatibility with the Type 3 Plaga is gigantism, although this only manifests itself in mature individuals possessing both X and Y chromosomes (i.e., adult males). Although this effect is thought to be mostly due to the influence of the original dominant-strain Plaga, the number of test subjects is exceedingly small and the details are still unclear."

Neptune (T-Virus)

RE.NET Extra File Neptune (T-Virus).jpg


Codenamed FI-03, the Neptune is a B.O.W. based on the ferocious great white shark. It was developed as part of an experiment to determine the compatibility of the T-Virus with marine life. Its already imposing size and aggression were greatly enhanced, and it also displays unrivaled tenacity—The King of the Sea really would be a fitting name for this creature.


While one large and two medium specimens appear in-game, the largest of the three will of course have left a considerably deeper impression. Its combat ability when in the water is not to be taken lightly due to the instant-death attack it can inflict when the player is walking around the water tank perimeter. Once the tank is drained however, the helpless creatures can be easily defeated from a distance, and perhaps it is this contrast that had the greatest impact of all."

Yawn (T-Virus)

RE.NET Extra File Yawn (T-Virus).jpg


A venomous snake bred for experiments, Yawn escaped the laboratory and grew to gigantic proportions after contracting the T-Virus. It was named Yawn by researchers due to the way it opens its mouth when swallowing prey whole. It features a relatively short body when compared to its girth, and its fangs secrete an especially potent venom that can only be countered with a specifically formulated serum.

The giant versions of everyday creatures provoke a fear that can't be explained by their size alone—it must be instinctive.

There are a number of memorable in-game moments associated with the Yawn, such as the first encounter with the creature itself and the hunt for the serum after the battle. The Yawn is also associated with the introduction of the surviving S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team members, Richard and Rebecca—this might be another reason for its popularity."

Licker β (T-Virus, Progenitor Virus)

RE.NET Extra File Licker β (T-Virus, Progenitor Virus).jpg


The successor to the Licker, the product of an unexpected mutation. The Licker β was created by a Tricell employee using the Progenitor virus in an attempt to improve the Licker, but the results were not entirely satisfactory. While it has almost completely lost its sense of sight, it has an acute sense of hearing and a sharp sense of smell. It can also climb walls and attack with its sharp claws and long tongue, features which make it very similar to the species that developed in Raccoon City.


The Licker β is a unique B.O.W. in that it was developed by administering the Progenitor virus to a T-Virus B.O.W. The details can be read in the in-game file "Tricell Researcher Miguel's Journal - No. 1." When the Licker β is damaged, it flips over onto its back exposing its heart, making for an easy kill; be sure to take advantage of this weak point."

Iron Maiden (Plaga)

RE.NET Extra File Iron Maiden (Plaga).jpg


A combat specialization of the Regenerador that has countless needles embedded in its body as well as the Regenerador's regenerative abilities. It can stretch its arms to capture and impale targets on the protruding needles. Its name is taken from a medieval torture instrument, a human-shaped container with spikes on the inside used to execute victims by closing them inside.


The main characteristic of the Iron Maiden is its needles, which it uses for its deadly embrace. It shares the Regenerador's weaknesses, although this also makes it difficult to defeat if the player does not have a thermal scope. While it is also weak to incendiary grenades, if none are on hand it can be temporary immobilized by shooting out its legs, and then either defeated or escaped from accordingly."

Ooze (T-Abyss Virus)

RE.NET Extra File Ooze (T-Abyss Virus).jpg


These monstrous creatures are what result when humans are infected with the T-Abyss Virus. By adhering to the cellular membrane, the virus causes cells to absorb an excessive amount of water, and as the osmotic pressure increases, the cells swell and eventually burst open creating the Ooze's characteristic melted appearance. After the process instigated by the virus has been repeated throughout the whole body, the host is left with partially liquefied flesh and a white bloated body similar to that of a drowned corpse. As the T-Abyss Virus multiplies, it drives its host in search of nutrition and hydration—it is because of this impulse that Ooze suck the fluids from their prey.


If there is one creature that symbolizes Revelations, it would be the Ooze, with its white, gelatinous skin evoking the disturbing imagery of drowned bodies. There are four general kinds of Ooze that appear in-game: the regular Ooze as shown here, those that fire bones due to a mutation in one arm (their other arm is almost entirely missing), those with scythe-like arms and a more powerful attack, and those with no head or arms that can self-destruct. Smart players will want to keep their distance from the latter."

Sea Creeper (T-Abyss Virus)

RE.NET Extra File Sea Creeper (T-Abyss Virus).jpg


As the name suggests, the Sea Creeper is an aquatic monster that results from a specific mutation following T-Abyss contagion in humans. The mutation is seen predominantly in females, and the frictionless shell reminiscent of long hair which covers their entire body enables them to silently approach victims in the water. When they are sufficiently close, they seize and feed from their prey using their six arms; none can escape the Sea Creeper's motherly embrace.


The Sea Creeper can be a troublesome enemy when in the water. In murky water, it can be hard to discern how near they are with the naked eye, so the Genesis scanner should be used to detect them. In waterlogged areas, Sea Creepers can be dealt with using regular weapons, but underwater they become truly dangerous; there are no weapons that can fatally damage a Sea Creeper underwater, and the only way to avoid being attacked is to use Pulse Grenades as a diversion. As the player's air will only last so long, the best course of action is to get out of the water as soon as possible."

Ghiozzo (T-Abyss Virus)

RE.NET Extra File Ghiozzo (T-Abyss Virus).jpg


Ghiozzo are fish that have mutated into ferocious carnivorous beasts due to T-Abyss contagion. They resemble the deep-sea fish that were discovered to be vectors of the Abyss Virus, a precursor to the T-Abyss Virus. The effects of the virus include a significantly increased appetite, sharp fangs, and a powerful jaw which allows them to chew their way through practically anything. While movies may have popularized the fictional image of a piranha attack, a school of Ghiozzo can annihilate a large mammal in a matter of seconds, bones and all.


As a fish-type creature, Ghiozzo spend most of their time in the water—but that doesn't mean you're safe on dry land. They are able to leap out and repeatedly gnash at targets next to the water's edge and can also wriggle around while out of the water and snap at anything that moves within range (while it may look like they are struggling, anything foolish enough to approach one will be in for a nasty surprise). The most effective way to deal with Ghiozzo is either to let them writhe out of your way without getting close, or to shoot them from a distance."

Scagdead (T-Abyss Virus)

RE.NET Extra File Scagdead (T-Abyss Virus).jpg


Scagdead are the result of a spontaneous mutation in individuals with a high resistance to the virus. This resistance is only seen in approximately one in thousand individuals, and even those individuals that are highly resistant are not completely immune. A few days to weeks after infection, the host develops a high fever along with itching and swelling between the shoulders and neck, and gradually loses consciousness as the swelling increases. Although the host remains completely aware that they are being taken over, nothing can be done once the virus has taken hold. Eventually they succumb to the virus-induced madness, although the unconscious mutterings of the Scagdead's human head are eerily similar to those of a sleepwalker.


As can be inferred by their enormous bodies, Scagdead are much more resilient compared to regular Ooze. Although their saw-like right arm can inflict fatal damage instantly, they are relatively slow and best handled from a distance—while this may take a little longer, it is by far the safest option. Beware of focusing too much on a Scagdead, as the other creatures that spawn nearby while you're attacking it can quickly overwhelm you."

Ooze Rachael (T-Abyss Virus)

RE.NET Extra File Ooze Rachael (T-Abyss Virus).jpg


The mutated form of Rachael, an FBC agent. She was ordered to infiltrate the Queen Zenobia, despite a lack of information, and was assaulted by T-Abyss infected individuals known as Oozes. She mutated into an Ooze herself after succumbing to the Oozes' attacks, but many of her human features were, unusually, preserved. Her rage-filled voice as she draws near makes her more terrifying than many other creatures.


In the pilot version of the game included with The Mercenaries 3D, the scene where Rachael is brutally massacred in the crew's living quarters featured a different character called Richard. Although she had a name, Rachael was originally intended to be little more than a mutated character that would attack the player. However, as a result of the pre-launch trailer that fleshed out the story leading up to her death, her popularity now rivals that of some of the other characters."

Queen Leech (Progenitor Virus)

RE.NET Extra File Queen Leech (Progenitor Virus).jpg


As its name suggests, the Queen Leech is the controlling force behind the other mutated leeches. While it usually mimics a youthful Professor Marcus, it can transform into the so-called first form Queen Leech at will. It possesses extraordinarily high intelligence—the result of taking over the corpse of the murdered Professor Marcus and assimilating his DNA over the course of ten years. It came to be known as the Queen Leech for the sake of convenience—leeches are actually hermaphroditic.


As the final boss of RE0, the Queen Leech is finished off by a combination of sunlight from the opened roof and a single magnum bullet fired by Billy. It is widely believed that most of the final bosses in the series are defeated with a rocket launcher, but this isn't strictly true, as only the bosses of RE1, RE4, and RE5 meet their doom this way. It isn't absolutely necessary to use the rocket launcher in RE4, and, although it's conceptually similar, Code Veronica's boss is actually defeated with the Linear Launcher. The myth is perpetuated presumably due to the influence of RE1."

Tyrant (T-Virus)

RE.NET Extra File Tyrant (T-Virus).jpg


A B.O.W. that not only possesses outstanding combat ability, but that is also intelligent enough to execute orders. Its self-defense capabilities include its high stamina and its ability to mutate into a Super Tyrant by disabling its Power Limiter when its life is threatened. Although the latter was not originally planned as a feature, the red-tinged flesh, raw brutality, agility, and power when unleashed is truly fitting of the name "Tyrant." It's easy to see why the Tyrant is considered the ideal B.O.W.


From the moment it first appears and kills Wesker, until the moment when it is wiped out by a rocket launcher, the very first final boss of the series, the Tyrant, left a lasting impression on the RE franchise. This Tyrant's codename is T-002—it is an early version of the mass production model T-103 Tyrant. Much like the Proto Tyrant in RE0, the T-002 could also be considered a prototype for the mass production T-103, and the increase in model number by 100 may have indicated the change from prototype to final production model."

G (G-Virus)

RE.NET Extra File G (G-Virus).jpg


Unlike the T-Virus which cannot transmit its genes to successive generations, the insidious G-Virus alters the genetic information of infected hosts, allowing it to propagate to the host's descendants. William Birkin injected himself with the G-Virus, his own creation, and mutated into the monster known as G. Ultimately, he lost all sense of reason and set out on a brutal rampage. Having already endowed him with incredible vitality and tenacity, the G-cells continued to mutate and corrupt his flesh.


While it is far from uncommon for the final enemy in a game to have multiple forms, a boss with five forms is very unusual, and G may be unique in how it appears midway through the game and continues to change thereafter. As the father of Sherry, the plot surrounding William has also helped cement G's place as one of the most memorable final bosses in the series. Although G is destroyed after the fifth mutation, there may well have been a sixth or even seventh stage had the G-cells progressed further. Should the G-Virus ever return to the series, we may well be able to witness these and further mutations."

Nemesis-T Type (T-Virus / NE-α Type)

RE.NET Extra File Nemesis-T Type.jpg


The Nemesis project was established and managed by Umbrella Europe's Sixth Laboratory as part of Tyrant research. The Nemesis-T Type (also known as the Pursuer) was created at the laboratory by implanting a NE-α Type parasite, also developed as part of the project, into a Tyrant. This parasite forms a separate brain which supplements that of the Tyrant, and not only leads to a substantial increase in intelligence, but also allows the Tyrant to be externally controlled, resulting in the most highly advanced weapon yet.


Although the Nemesis-T Type is the final boss of the game, it is almost certainly remembered more for the way it growls "S.T.A.R.S." while chasing the player from one location to the next. There have been other talking enemies in the series, such as the Ganados from RE4 and the Majini from RE5, but they always gave the impression of talking like regular humans. Other enemies with a clear intent to hunt the player down include the Scagdead, and Rachael from Resident Evil: Revelations. They can be considered the spiritual successors of the Nemesis-T Type."

Alexia (T-Veronica Virus)

RE.NET Extra File Alexia (T-Veronica Virus).jpg


Alexia was able to achieve symbiosis with her own creation, the T-Veronica Virus, by spending fifteen years in a state of suspended animation at the Antarctic Base. Her first form, while still humanoid, has her body covered in a tentacle-like fibrous material. Her blood reacts violently upon exposure to air, and the more she is damaged, the more the surrounding area is engulfed in a raging inferno.


Alexia is the only female final boss in the series (The Queen Leech from RE0 was only named Queen for convenience; leeches are actually hermaphroditic), and features three forms that are fought one after the other. Her third and final form cannot be damaged with regular weapons and must be destroyed with the Linear Launcher. Although the Launcher features infinite ammo, its speed is relatively slow meaning that it takes some skill to predict the enemy's trajectory and land a successful hit."

Saddler (Plaga)

RE.NET Extra File Saddler (Plaga).jpg


Saddler's mutated form as ruler of all Plagas. Numerous tentacles and four limbs sprout from his discarded body, and the head at the end of his elongated neck features a powerful maw. Each limb also has an eyeball, which all but eliminates any blind spots. Saddler's ability to jump incredible distances defies his gigantic size, and his hard carapace is virtually impervious to regular weapons.


The weak point of Saddler's shell is the large eyeball at the end of his neck, which is easiest to attack when he has collapsed. As the time he spends on the floor is quite brief, it can be more effective to climb on top and stab him with your knife. This way, not only is it impossible to miss, but the damage dealt is usually higher."

Wesker-Uroboros (Uroboros virus)

RE.NET Extra File Wesker-Uroboros (Uroboros virus).jpg


The once invincible, bullet-dodging Wesker deliberately infects himself with the Uroboros virus as a last resort after having been weakened by an overdose of the virus suppressant PG67A/W that was injected by Chris and Sheva. The Uroboros's characteristic tentacles have enveloped both arms, and the right arm has absorbed a variety of nearby metallic objects to form a particularly lethal weapon. Although Wesker has lost his lightning-fast movement and agility, his offensive and defensive abilities are more powerful than ever before.


RE5 was the first in the main series to offer campaign co-op. This is reflected in the design of the final boss battle where both players are initially forced to fight separately. As a side-note, the previous battle onboard the bomber is the only place in the main game where Wesker's weapon, the Samurai Edge, is clearly discernible (it also appears as part of Wesker's load out in the Mercenaries and Versus modes)."

Digital Archives

Derek C. Simmons

RE.NET Extra File Derek C. Simmons.jpg

"Forty-six-year-old presidential aide Derek Simmons is a ruthless perfectionist. From time immemorial, the Simmons household has ruled "The Family," a vast organization who have manipulated the course of history throughout the ages. As their current leader, Derek is charged with continuing their crusade for a stable, unchanging society. Simmons decides to eliminate President Benford in a bioterrorist attack after learning of his plan to reveal the truth behind the Raccoon City incident, the disclosure of which would cause a great upheaval in the United States. To this end he makes use of Helena Harper, a weak link in the President's security detail, and unleashes the C-Virus, which was developed in an underground research lab below Tall Oaks. Having considered Simmons a loyal friend for thirty years, Benford had no reason to suspect that he had a connection to The Family. Following the attack, Simmons heads to China where he comes face-to-face with Leon and Helena, and ends up being injected with the C-Virus by a Neo-Umbrella grunt. He undergoes a series of inhuman transformations, revealing more of his innermost desires with each mutation. He agonized over Ada, the one thing he could never have, but ultimately he meets a bitter end at the hands of Leon and Helena. The C-Virus administered to Simmons was strengthened by Jake's blood and induced centaur, dinosaur, giant fly, and other mutations. Simmons's mutation was different from other C-Virus mutations—he was able to remain conscious after mutating, and he returned to human form after being damaged to a certain extent.''"


RE.NET Extra File Bloodshot.jpg

"A mutation of a C-Virus Zombie. When the host's head is damaged, the virus stimulates rapid changes in the host's flesh. This results in the host's endurance and agility far surpassing that of a regular Zombie. The creature is named Bloodshot due to its appearance—the sudden mutation has caused its muscle tissue to be exposed. Inflicting sufficient damage on a Bloodshot will cause its ribcage to open and its heart to be exposed. Individuals susceptible to Bloodshot mutation can be distinguished by their red eyes. The head is usually a Zombie's weak point, and an attack directed at the head is usually more effective than an attack elsewhere. In potential Bloodshots, however, the head isn't a weak point, but instead acts as a kind of switch. Numerous players have no doubt fallen victim to a successful Bloodshot mutation while naively trying to make quick work of a Zombie.''"


RE.NET Extra File Ubistvo.jpg

"A complete mutation of a C-Virus infected individual. Ubistvo's name is derived from the Serbian word for "murder." While humanoid, its right arm has mutated into a chainsaw-like weapon which it uses to mow down surrounding opponents. This arm was formed from parts of the spine and ribs which were moved by the mutation. Ubistvo's pulsating heart is also housed in this arm, and, regardless of its high vitality and stamina, it can be instantly killed by destroying this weak point. Not only does the Ubistvo have an incredibly powerful attack, but it will rarely desist once it has chosen its target. While this may appear to be a useful trait for a B.O.W., the Ubistvo makes no distinction between friend and foe and will attack anything indiscriminately. Neo Umbrella itself doesn't know how to effectively manage the creature, and they will only deploy it in situations where a complete massacre is the intended outcome.''"

Finn Macauley

"A rookie in the North American branch of the BSAA, Finn's first deployment was to the incident in the Edonian Republic as part of the Alpha team captained by Chris. As a support trooper he was charged with assisting the other members in a wide variety of tasks such as information transmission, armored vehicle operation, and barricade and anti-aircraft gun demolition. Although a little timid, Finn has an honest disposition, and is a courageous and selfless soldier that would never abandon a wounded comrade. These traits can be inferred from the way he looks up to Chris, who also puts great importance on his unit and family.

Although Finn had written to his mother before deployment promising to return, he fell victim to a trap set by Ada Wong, who had been seeking shelter in a former government building, and his life came to a tragic end at the young age of twenty two.

After the mission in Edonia, Piers, another BSAA member, decides to track down the now AWOL Chris. When Piers finally catches up with him, Finn can be seen on Piers's screen as he shows pictures of the former unit to Chris, who is suffering from amnesia.''"

Leon S. Kennedy (RE2)

RE.NET Extra File Leon S. Kennedy (RE2) (DC).jpg

"Leon was only twenty one during the events of RE2. After graduating from the police academy, he filed an application for assignment to the Raccoon City Police Department. He was able to avoid the fate of his new colleagues by pure chance after showing up late to work on his first day—the previous evening he had drunk himself unconscious in a motel in despair over his recent breakup with his girlfriend. This anecdote is at odds with his current "cool" image, and it can probably be attributed to the recklessness of his youth. The S in his name stands for Scott, but he rarely uses it. The render below was created for RE2 (the image at the top was for Darkside Chronicles). While the early CG artwork may not have aged particularly well from a technical point of view, Leon's appeal can still be seen to this day.''"


"Leon was originally assigned to the Raccoon City Police Department, which was led by Chief of Police Brian Irons. Although S.T.A.R.S. is the most well known team in the department, another elite team known as Raccoon S.W.A.T. was created after S.T.A.R.S. was disbanded following the mansion incident. However, they were powerless to stop the biohazard outbreak, which happened on an unprecedented scale, and were completely wiped out. This is an image of the R.P.D. building around the time of RE2. With its grandiose main hall and stone statues, the building is much more extravagant than a normal police station.''"

Claire Redfield

RE.NET Extra File Claire Redfield.jpg

"A university student, Claire is caught up in the biohazard outbreak while trying to track down her brother Chris. She is saved from a life-threatening situation immediately after arriving in Raccoon City by Leon, and although they are separated by the explosion of a tanker, they are later able to rejoin and escape the city together. As it is Leon that informs Chris of his sister's detainment in the Rockfort Island prison, we can infer that they keep in touch for some time after fleeing Raccoon City. Although Leon and Claire look particularly close in the image below, it was actually used for a guide book, and the game package used different artwork.''"

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Premium Umbr

RE.NET Extra File RE ORC Premium Umbr.jpg

"Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is a third-person shooter set during the events of RE2—the game where Leon first appeared as a main character. This umbrella was designed by Capcom Asia to promote the game. Although you might have expected an RE-themed umbrella to be red and white, the staff preferred to go with a more practical black color in the hope that people in the more rainy Asian regions would actually use it. Both the outside and the handle of the umbrella feature the cool Operation Raccoon City logo in large print, allowing it to be seen whether the umbrella is open or closed; this makes the umbrella a great promotional item.''"

Albert Wesker (RE5)

RE.NET Extra File Albert Wesker (RE5).jpg

"Wesker first appeared as the resourceful S.T.A.R.S. captain in the original RE. He was revealed to be an Umbrella spy sent to infiltrate the team, but ultimately he betrays even Umbrella. While appearing to die towards the end of the game, he continues to operate in the shadows thereafter and is involved in a number of B.O.W. incidents and virus thefts over the years. His fate is sealed by his rival Chris in RE5, but the effects of Wesker's actions linger beyond the grave. As the principal villain for much of the series, there is plenty of Wesker artwork. The artwork below was produced for the following games (l-r): Resident Evil (GC), Resident Evil Code: Veronica X, Resident Evil 5 (the image at the top is from RE0). Wesker has a consistently menacing appearance throughout the series: sunglasses, combed blond hair, and dark clothes.''"


RE.NET Extra File Umbrella.jpg

"A large pharmaceutical company founded in 1968 by Ozwell E. Spencer, Edward Ashford, and James Marcus under the corporate slogan "Preserving the health of the people." Umbrella's true purpose, however, was weapons development. Umbrella was responsible for the creation of a number of viruses such as the T-Virus, which caused the destruction of Raccoon City, the T-Veronica virus, which was created in the Antarctic base, and Dr. Birkin's G-Virus. They also developed a multitude of B.O.W.s. The final nail in Umbrella's coffin was the destruction of the Caucasus laboratory in Russia in 2003. However, even though Umbrella's collapse meant that the root of many disasters had finally been destroyed, it also resulted in dangerous research being scattered across the globe. Rare artwork of the Umbrella co-founder Dr. James Marcus, used during the development of RE0.''"

Excella Gionne

RE.NET Extra File Excella Gionne.jpg

"Wesker's partner during the events of RE5. Although her tendency to look down on others due to her good looks led many to consider her nothing more than the spoiled daughter of an elite family, her razor-sharp intellect, unstoppable ambition, and business sense and genetic engineering knowledge inherited from her father, enabled her to climb to the very top as director of the African branch of Tricell. While she aspired to rule as the queen of the new world that would follow the completion of the Uroboros project, Wesker, her king-to-be, infected her with the Uroboros virus. Having been simply used and discarded by Wesker, it is hard not to feel at least some sympathy for her. As can be seen from the image above, during development, Excella was originally the Tricell Africa director's secretary. While she isn't named directly, the Global Pharmaceutical Consortium's special auditor who appears in the Japan-only RE: Revelations pre-order bonus DVD, Revelations Report, is believed to be Excella.''"

Wesker's Report File

RE.NET Extra File Wesker's Report File.jpg

"This file was included with the Biohazard Collector's Box, which was released for the GameCube in Japan on August 7, 2003. Within the file, Wesker not only recounts the story of each title in the series from his own point of view, but also provides details of his personal history, along with compelling glimpses of his unusual rivalry with William Birkin. The text of the report can also be found in Resident Evil Archives II, a highly recommended read for fans looking for more in-depth information on the world of Resident Evil. A number of other "Reports" have been created over the years such as Wesker's Extra Report, Ada's Report, and Jessica's Report. We hope that fans look forward to the discovery of more reports in the future.''"

Sergei Vladimir

RE.NET Extra File Sergei Vladimir.jpg

"A former Soviet Army colonel and Umbrella executive utterly loyal to Spencer. Although Sergei originally worked in the underground laboratory beneath Raccoon City developing T-A.L.O.S., he later transferred to Umbrella's Caucasus laboratory in Russia. The supercomputer he took with him, which contained a vast amount of Umbrella's research and other data, was eventually targeted by Wesker. Sergei went up against him by willingly mutating into a creature, but he was ultimately defeated—yet another victim of Wesker's nefarious plans. The B.O.W. below is Sergei's "old friend," the Ivan. While they were developed as T-Virus Tyrants, their highly protective white coats and distinctive visors are quite different compared to the classic Tyrant design—although their coats are reminiscent of the one that the T-103 Tyrant from RE2 wore.''"

Javier Hidalgo

RE.NET Extra File Javier Hidalgo.jpg

"A drug baron who wields tremendous influence over a small South American nation. According to intelligence, he has been in contact with a former Umbrella researcher. The tyrannical methods he uses to assert his power, such as violence and assassination, are in stark contrast with his devotion to his daughter Manuela, who is afflicted with a terrible disease. He administered the T-Veronica Virus in a desperate attempt to cure her, but was later forced to harvest the organs from a number of innocent girls in order to suppress the results of this mistake. One of the main selling points of The Darkside Chronicles was the ability to play as Leon and Krauser, the partners who would later become enemies in RE4. A number of great details are shown in the game such as their firm handshake and the story behind how Krauser's left arm ended up being depicted in RE4. While the heart-wrenching story of Javier and Manuela is perhaps the focus of the game, the finer points of Leon and Krauser's relationship make it a must-play for any fan of the series.''"

Umbrella's Demise

RE.NET Extra File Umbrella's Demise.jpg

"Umbrella was founded in 1968 by Ozwell E. Spencer. Ostensibly manufacturing pharmaceuticals under the corporate slogan "Preserving the health of the people," behind the scenes Umbrella was also a merchant of death and had developed a variety of viral weapons based on their research into the Progenitor virus. The truth behind Umbrella was brought to light following the destruction of Raccoon City in 1998. Chris and Jill's intervention in the Russian Caucasus laboratory's T-A.L.O.S. project, a desperate attempt to avoid Umbrella's impending collapse, together with an endless flurry of lawsuits all but sealed Umbrella's fate. Nevertheless, the horrific results of Umbrella's research continued to be felt across the world.

Although Umbrella is a world-class pharmaceutical company with branches in multiple locations, many may not be familiar with the Japanese branch, which was first described in a document published on the BSAA page of the official Resident Evil 5 site. An excerpt can be found below.

Umbrella Japan Subsidiary to Dissolve

Following the bankruptcy of international pharmaceutical giant Umbrella, subsidiary Umbrella Japan Inc. (Tokyo) has announced its dissolution and is currently undergoing liquidation.

Founded in 1984 to represent Umbrella in Japan, the company imported and sold U.S.-developed pharmaceuticals, and it established the Umbrella Japan Laboratory in 1987 in order to research and develop biotechnology products.

Umbrella's stock plummeted following the tragedy in Raccoon City, and sales have slumped in recent years due in no small part to poor consumer confidence. Umbrella itself has been forced to declare bankruptcy after losing every single case brought to court over the Raccoon tragedy. Companies from every sector, not to mention those in the pharmaceutical industry, have shown no interest in working with Umbrella Japan, and so it has ordered its own dissolution.

Excerpt from a morning newspaper article published on March 15, 2004.'"

Darkside Report / Wesker's Extra Report

RE.NET Extra File DC Report-Wesker Extra Report.jpg

"Darkside Report

This report was included in the Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles Collector's Package, which was released in Japan in 2010 and contains a number of detailed character and creature commentaries such as notes on Code Veronica and on Leon and Claire from RE2. The booklet also contains a timeline divided by year and character relationship charts. Biohazard Chronicles HD Selection, released only in Japan, included downloadable versions of both the Darkside Report and Wesker's Extra Report.

Wesker's Extra Report

A booklet that details the rise and fall of Umbrella. It contains information about the events of Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles such as the "Mansion Incident," notes written by Wesker, and a column on real-world biohazards.'"

Leon S. Kennedy

RE.NET Extra File Leon S. Kennedy.jpg

"Following the destruction of Raccoon City, both Leon and Sherry were put under the protection of the U.S. government. Leon's incredible survival and combat skills and newly-acquired experience were enough to have him placed as an agent under direct control of the President, although it is believed the government exploited Sherry's safety to essentially blackmail him into accepting the position. Leon raised his profile by completing a number of missions and became one of the most trusted individuals in service, but this wasn't enough to prevent him from being considered a suspect in the President's assassination during the bioterror incident at Tall Oaks in 2013. Undeterred by such suspicions, Leon pushed on in search of the truth. Since the events in Raccoon City, Leon has fought countless B.O.W.s in missions such as Operation Javier in 2002, and the kidnapping of the president's daughter Ashley Graham in 2006, and he could easily be considered a bone fide veteran by the time of the Harvardville Airport event in 2008, and fearless by the time of the events in RE6.''"

Chris Redfield

RE.NET Extra File Chris Redfield.jpg

"One of the S.T.A.R.S. members who survived the "Mansion Incident" in Raccoon City, Chris is tough but honorable to a fault. He is an excellent marksman and, thanks to his time in the air force, a fine fighter pilot. His affection for his sister Claire can be clearly seen in his single-handed attempt to free her from her imprisonment on Rockford Island. Having foiled the plans of his arch-enemy Wesker, Chris loses his memory during another operation, but still returns to the front lines of the BSAA in 2013 to counter the large-scale bioterrorist attack in Lanshiang, China. Chris has changed in appearance over the series, from the agreeable young man in the remake of RE1 and Code Veronica, to the buff, unyielding character in Revelations and RE5. In a way, the latter is more of a return to form considering how he was portrayed in the opening movie and illustrations of the original RE1.''"

Biohazard 6 Tablet Case Cover

RE.NET Extra File Biohazard 6 Tablet Case Cover.jpg

"In RE6, herbs, a Resident Evil hallmark, are used to make tablets, which are stored in a tablet case. Japan's e-Capcom store offered four different case cover replicas for those who preordered the game, three of which are described below.

Leon version Leon wore a bomber jacket in RE4 and a DSO (Division of Security Operations) issue leather jacket in RE6. He seems to have a thing for leather, and his tablet case cover reflects that. Made using real leather and emblazoned with the DSO logo, Leon's stylish cover is a symbol of his status as an agent operating directly under the President's orders.

Chris version This cover features a military design and the BSAA logo in blue and green. It's made from silicone to complement the rugged design of the unit's equipment.

Jake version

As a mercenary, Jake would have required a case that could take some punishment on the battlefield. His case cover is made from heavy brass, features the emblem of the rebel army Jake is employed by, and is distressed to give the impression of heavy use.'"

Jake Muller

"Currently serving as a mercenary in a rebel army in the war-torn Republic of Edonia, Jake grew up surrounded by poverty, hunger, and death, and places his faith in only two gods: himself and money. After an unexpected encounter with United States agent Sherry, and having been promised a huge reward, Jake must come to terms with two unlikely truths—that he carries the cursed blood of Albert Wesker, and that he will ultimately save the entire world. Jake initially wears a jacket and fingerless gloves (which he changes to black leather gloves when he switches to his henley shirt outfit), and this makes him more than a little reminiscent of Wesker. His jacket features the spider emblem of the rebel army he fights for.''"

Ada Wong

Ada Wong ORC.jpg

"Nothing is known of Ada's background other than her Asian origin. Working in the shadows as a spy, she was present during the events that led to the destruction of Raccoon City, where she met Leon, in 1998. Their fates have been intertwined ever since, and they were reunited most recently in 2013 while investigating catacombs. Ada is particularly fond of the color red, as can be seen from her tight-fitting red dress in RE2, her red halterneck Chinese-style dress in RE4, and her red shirt and scarf in RE6. In the RE4 minigame "Assignment: Ada," however, she wears black military attire from head to toe, and in The Umbrella Chronicles she is seen wrapped in a number of bandages, looking decidedly worse for wear, after being attacked by the Tyrant.''"


RE.NET Extra File BSAA.jpg

"As many people were eager to blame the bioterror crisis on the pharmaceutical industry as a whole, the Global Pharmaceutical Consortium established the BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance) following Umbrella's collapse in an attempt to showcase their active role in containing the spread of B.O.W.s. The founding members, known as the "Original Eleven," included Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, and Clive R. O'Brian was chosen as the first head of the organization. While originally closer to a civilian NGO with observer status, the BSAA was reorganized as a special unit under the control of the UN following the Queen Zenobia incident. There are eight branches in all: Europe, Middle East, North America, South America, West Africa, East Africa, Far East, and Oceania. Although Chris is assigned to the North American branch, as a level ten operative he has the authority to join investigations and operations regardless of the commanding branch. Piers Nivans is also a member of the North American branch and is one of the organization's bright stars. Sheva Alomar and Josh Stone, who appeared in RE5, are part of the West African branch. Many operatives, including Reynard Fisher, Kirk Mathison, Dan DeChant, Dave Johnson, and Doug, were killed in action during Operation Kijuju in RE5. In Revelations, Parker Luciani, Jessica Sherawat, Quent Cetcham, and Keith Lumley were assigned to the Queen Zenobia incident.''"


RE.NET Extra File J'avo.jpg

"A B.O.W. first discovered in the Eastern European Republic of Edonia, named after the Serbian word for "devil" by the BSAA. Far superior to any zombie, J'avo can communicate and coordinate with one another and operate complicated weaponry such as guns. When they suffer a minor wound, they are able to regenerate flesh, and when they suffer a critical wound, they can mutate—such mutations led to the Ruka-Srp, with its hook-like hands, and the Ruka-Khvatanje, which can elongate its curiously elastic arm. It is believed that the new C-Virus is somehow connected with the appearance of the J'avo. Individuals infected with the C-Virus are susceptible to crysalidification and can emerge completely mutated. Resident Evil 6 features a game mode called Agent Hunt where players can join games in progress as J'avo and other creatures with the aim of killing one of the agents. J'avo will mutate when attacked by the agents, and this in turn can spawn new attacks such as an attack that allows them to grab an agent from a distance and fling them around with their mutated arm. If they take enough damage, a J'avo may mutate into something completely inhuman.''"

Biohazard 6 x Briefing 3-way Holster Bag

RE.NET Extra File Bi6 Briefing 3-way Holster Bag.jpg

"This Holster Bag is based on Leon's leg holster in Resident Evil 6. It was designed by Briefing, a brand that specializes in military-style bags and accessories. The bag features a design based on vertical lines and includes belt-like custom parts tagged with the logo of the DSO, the organization Leon is assigned to. It can be carried as a shoulder bag, strapped to the leg, or attached to another bag, such as Briefing's Mission Liner, by using the straps and parts included with the bag.

Only available on Japan's e-Capcom store

Released: November 2012 Price: 25,200 Yen Materials: Ballistic nylon Color: Black Made in the U.S.A. Weight: approx. 295g Size: 180 x 240 x 80mm (bag), 470 ~ 850mm (shoulder strap), 230 ~ 380mm (thigh strap), 80mm (leg bag belts, 2 included)

The Holster Bag is the perfect size for carrying small items such as a wallet, diary, or portable game console, and the included custom parts are ideal for securely attaching the bag when cycling or motorcycling.'"

Helena Harper

RE.NET Extra File Helena Harper.jpg

"A relatively new U.S. agent. Helena joined the USSS (United States Secret Service) one year before she was assigned to the President's security detail during the Tall Oaks incident, where she met and was saved by Leon. They team up after Helena admits responsibility for the incident, and she leads Leon to a certain cathedral that is somehow connected to the events. Helena has a sister called Deborah who can be seen being kidnapped by a group of men in one of Helena's flashbacks.''"

Piers Nivans

RE.NET Extra File Piers Nivans.jpg

"One of the rising stars of the BSAA and widely recognized as a potential future leader, Piers is around twenty five, and like Chris, is assigned to the North American branch. His incredible eyesight and concentration make him a natural-born sniper, and he makes sure the squad never loses sight of its target. His observant, serious, responsible, and insightful nature has lead squad captain Chris to place his complete trust in him. Off duty he is known to be cheerful and warmhearted. Chris and Piers both carry a heavy burden of responsibility, and, having escaped death together on countless occasions, a deep bond has developed between them. When Chris lost his memory and went missing following the operation in Eastern Europe, it was Piers who found him and brought him back into the fold of the BSAA. They were also dispatched together with their unit in Singapore during an earlier mission, and this story is recounted in the Naoki Serizawa comic "Biohazard Marhawa Desire."''"

Republic of Edonia

"Edonia is a country in Eastern Europe with picturesque stone-built towns and villages that are blanketed in snow during the winter months. Twenty years after the wave of democratization that swept over Eastern Europe in the latter half of the '80s, a group of army officers took advantage of the instability that had developed and mounted a coup d'état, through which they were able to occupy City Hall. Ironically, the coup did not have the intended effect—once the previous unpopular prime minister dissolved parliament, the people rallied behind a pro-EU party, and the country returned to stability. Although the forces behind the coup were mostly dealt with, one of the more radical factions reformed as a resistance army and continued to oppose the government, taking advantage of the instability in surrounding countries. On top of this, the poorer classes eventually revolted, and by 2010 the country was plunged into full-blown civil war. The seeds of another disturbance were sown in Estonia while it was suffering under the civil war. A certain woman had managed to infect the unit to which Jake was assigned with the C-Virus by giving them viral syringes which had been distributed under the pretence that they were combat stimulants. The infected soldiers soon mutated into J'avo, and Chris and the BSAA were called in to handle the situation.''"


"A B.O.W. equipped with large interchangeable arm attachments. The name Ustanak derives from the Serbian word for "rebellion." Not only is this creature powerful enough to pulverize enemies and to survive explosions without flinching, it moves uncannily fast for its gigantic size, and it relentlessly hunts Jake and Sherry. Why it is so persistent is still a mystery, although eyewitnesses have reportedly seen it in the company of a woman resembling Ada. The Ustanak can use its arm attachments both to attack and to capture targets. Captured targets are forced into a cage it carries on its back. It has a variety of tools such as a sharp spike for skewering, and it can freely change them as required.''"

Sherry Birkin

RE.NET Extra File Sherry Birkin.jpg

"A U.S. agent ordered to protect Jake by her direct superior Derek C. Simmons. Sherry, the daughter of researchers William and Annette Birkin, was only twelve when she was rescued by Leon and Claire during the destruction of Raccoon City in 1998, and she has been unable to lead a normal life since. Her father, William, after deliberately infecting himself with the G-Virus and mutating into the creature known as "G," had implanted Sherry with an embryo because of her genetic compatibility. Considered as a specimen of the utmost importance, she was essentially held captive under the U.S. government's supervision, and became an agent as one of the conditions of her release. On the first day of the Raccoon City incident, Annette contacted Sherry at her school and told her to leave early, retrieve the pendant containing the hidden G-Virus sample from their house, and head to the police station. There she encountered Leon and Claire, who tried to take her under their wing, but she ran away whenever they approached her. With both her parents completely immersed in their research, Sherry had led a lonely childhood and found it hard to trust others, but she would eventually confide in Claire and Leon who had offered her a helping hand and had risked their lives to retrieve a vaccine for her. One of the reasons she became an agent was so that other children would not have to experience the same upbringing as her. She appears to relate to Jake, whose life has also been affected by virus research and who has to come to terms with the actions of his father.''"


RE.NET Extra File Ogroman.jpg

"A B.O.W. that first appeared in the Republic of Edonia. The name derives from the Serbian word for "gigantic," and given the way that they tower over roofs and smash through buildings while chasing Chris and Piers, it's easy to see how this name was earned. Ogromen can be dropped from helicopters by suspending them from the plug-like protrusion on their backs, but once deployed the plug remains and is decidedly weaker compared to the Ogroman's hard skin. Previous gigantic B.O.W.s, including El Gigante from RE4 and Ndesu from RE5, were created using Plaga parasites. These Plagas would reveal themselves each time a certain amount of damage was dealt.''"

Ingrid Hunnigan

"Hunnigan is an operator at FOS (Field Operations Support), an organization which supports U.S. Agents in the field, and she has known Leon for nine years. She first got to know of Leon during the incident in which the President's daughter was kidnapped. She has displayed exemplary service assisting Leon from behind the scenes ever since that incident. While having no doubt suffered extreme shock following the sudden death of President Benford during the bioterrorist attack at Tall Oaks, she was still able to maintain a level head and use excellent judgment in assisting Leon and Helena in their escape, making use of her high-level IT and hacking knowledge to remotely unlock the security doors inside the university. As a highly respected and trusted member of the team, her superiors will often turn a blind eye during emergencies which occasionally allows her to exceed her authority. She will defiantly follow her own instincts in the face of danger, as can be seen when she furnishes Leon with confidential internal intelligence even though he is considered a suspect. During RE4, Hunnigan assists Leon remotely. Although the two are cut off towards the middle of the game due to the actions of Saddler and Salazar, she reappears when the connection is restored just before the very end. For some reason she has removed her glasses at this point, and Leon jokingly hits on her, asking for her number. Hunnigan, who makes a point about keeping her professional and private lives separate, curtly refuses.''"


"A B.O.W. whose name comes from the Serbian term for "woman of beauty," the Lepotitsa is able to discharge gas from multiple pores on its female-like body. Those who inhale the gas, which can diffuse up to a radius of approximately 4.8 kilometers, are quickly infected and zombified. Neo-Umbrella deployed a number of Lepotitsa chrysalides in Tall Oaks, and they infected a great number of citizens after hatching.

One year before the Tall Oaks incident, an experiment related to Lepotitsa development was performed at the Marhawa School in Singapore, the details of which can be found in the "Biohazard Marhawa Desire" comics. The experiment involved collecting the data from the encounters between test subject C-16, formerly a student named Nanan Yoshihara, and other characters including the protagonist Ricky. Lepotitsa was completed using the data collected from this experiment.

Although C-16 had retained some of Nanan's facial features, her entire body was covered with pores similar to those of the Lepotitsa.'"

Adam Benford

"The current U.S. President. Benford is a virtuous statesman and compelling orator, and once served in the army. He was infected following the bioterrorist attack in the northeastern city of Tall Oaks, where he was due to present a lecture at Ivy University. His evacuation from the area was delayed after he was separated from his personal security team who had been furnished with misleading information. The task of neutralizing his reanimated corpse fell to Leon, who had been a close friend for ten years. It was Benford himself who, when he was a high-ranking U.S. official, had headhunted Leon following his escape from the Raccoon City incident, and together the two had dedicated their lives to eradicating bioterrorism. In an attempt to raise awareness of the ever-present threat that bioterrorism posed to the world, Benford had planned to reveal the truth behind the Raccoon City incident during his lecture. President Benford had formed the DSO (Division of Security Operations) under his direct command shortly after taking office in 2011 as part of his efforts in combating bioterrorism. As a founding member, Leon was directly involved in and influenced the organization from its inception, and he has constantly played a central role since. Sherry was also assigned to the DSO later on. In the same year that he founded the DSO, Benford also established the DSO agent support organization FOS (Field Operations Support), centered around Leon and Hunnigan.''"


RE.NET Extra File Lanshiang.jpg

"A coastal city in China, Lanshiang features a large bay and extensive transport infrastructure that includes rail, buses, and freeways. The high-rise Tatchi quarter, which includes the Quad Tower, stands in stark contrast to the labyrinthine slums of Poisawan in Waiyip, a fallout of the British colonialism of the first half of the 1900s when the ousted Qing government sought refuge in the lawless area. The influx of refugees resulted in the construction of multiple barracks in an attempt to stabilize the region.

Following the bioterrorist attack, the BSAA together with local authorities were able to safeguard over half of the population, but this left the markets and residential blocks of Poisawan deserted. The fate of those remaining is currently unknown, and a precise figure may never be established due to the number of unregistered residents. It is thought that a number of people were lured into becoming test subjects in exchange for a reward by Neo-Umbrella prior to the attack. As well as this, many people will have fallen victim to the C-Virus gas released over Tatchi, and many will have been killed by the infected themselves.

Lanshiang was recreated at the Tokyo Game Show 2012 booth, which featured pigs strung up at the entrance, and various bright signs displayed above. The latter were exact replicas of the signs used in-game. The booth featured a number of other little details inside, including J'avo sprawled out on the floor."


RE.NET Extra File Strelats 1.jpg

"A lizard-like B.O.W. resulting from C-Virus infection and chrysalid incubation, named after the Serbian word for "archer." The Strelats was first encountered in the Republic of Edonia, and was described by BSAA Alpha Team member Finn. Depending on its environment, this creature can climb up walls and ceilings to distract opponents, and it is also able to shoot needle-shaped body tissue. When approached, the creature will usually flee, but it can also release gas. While it may not appear to have any obvious weaknesses, it is particularly susceptible to physical attacks. Complete mutations like the Strelats are born from chrysalides. Chrysalides are formed when the C-Virus stimulates excessive regeneration in response to damage to a J'avo, encasing it in a tough shell. Inside, the creature undergoes a series of rapid mutations before hatching. Destroying a chrysalid before it hatches, while possible, consumes a considerable amount of ammo. The C in C-Virus stands for chrysalid.''"

Tall Oaks

RE.NET Extra File Tall Oaks.jpg

"A town in Northeast America. Ivy University is located in the town center and is home to a great number of students. There are businesses such as cafes, gun shops, and gas stands near the town's subway stations, and Tall Oaks enjoys a reputation as a peaceful university town. Following the 2013 bioterrorist attack, however, urban services collapsed and the town became a living hell overrun with walking corpses reanimated by the C-Virus. About ninety percent of the town's 70,000 residents perished, and although some of the survivors sought refuge in the cathedral on the outskirts of the city, most of them fell victim to a Lepotitsa which had emerged from the underground laboratory managed by the Simmons family. Like Raccoon City before it, Tall Oaks was ultimately incinerated in a missile attack."


RE.NET Extra File Napad 1.jpg

"A chrysalid B.O.W. first seen in Eastern Europe, created by administering the C-Virus to a human subject. The way it swings its arms and strikes its chest is reminiscent of gorilla behavior. Its name means "assault," and it uses its enormous hard-shelled body to charge into enemies. Although the hardened-shell that covers its body cannot be easily broken, once enough damage has been dealt it will crack open, exposing tissue and muscle. The rear section of the shell is particularly brittle, and the creature can be neutralized by attacking part of the central nervous system concealed below. The Napad will also release steam at regular intervals in order to lower its high body temperature. In the former government building of the Republic of Edonia, Ada Wong releases a spherical object containing multiple syringes, which infect the BSAA members with the C-Virus. They are instantly turned into chrysalides and emerge as Napads shortly after.''"



"A snake-like B.O.W. encountered in Lanshiang. The Iluzija, unlike other snakes encountered in past, is not an infected snake, but rather the result of a spontaneous mutation in a C-Virus-infected human subject following chrysalidification. Its name derives from the Serbian for "illusion." It was named as such because of its stealth ability which allows it to blend into the surrounding environment. This ability is often triggered when Iluzija have located potential prey and enter a state of excitement. The ability increases the chances of the creature being able to approach its victim unawares. If sufficiently wounded, Iluzija can be seen with the naked eye, but its skin hardens and it can no longer be damaged using ordinary weapons. As it is the outer skin of the creature which offers protection and camouflage, when it opens its jaws in preparation for an attack it will expose itself and can be damaged. The BSAA Alpha Team led by Chris Redfield encounter the Iluzija in the Poisawan slums in Waiyip. It is ultimately electrocuted by Chris, but not before it has dispatched the majority of the team, including Keaton, Reid, and Jeff.''"

Deborah Harper

RE.NET Extra File Deborah Harper.jpg

"Deborah Harper is an attractive twenty year old student and Helena's younger sister of four years. Compared to her serious sister, Deborah has a more carefree, playful attitude. Having already lost both parents, Helena is incredibly protective of her only living relative, and she has previously shot and seriously wounded one of Deborah's former boyfriends after a difficult breakup. Her actions caught the attention of presidential aide Derek C. Simmons, who then abducted Deborah in order to force Helena to assist in his terrorist scheming. Deborah was imprisoned in the laboratory beneath the Tall Oaks cathedral, and although Simmons should have released her once Helena had done his bidding, the infatuated lab researchers used her as a C-Virus test subject. Deborah left a note for her beloved sister in the laboratory moments before she lost consciousness. Deborah is found abandoned at the first altar beyond the underground laboratory, but she mutates into a creature before Helena and Leon are able to escape with her. While she retains vestiges of her former beauty, she loses all sense of human reason and attacks the pair with the claw-like tentacles that emerge from her spine, leaping overhead with incredible agility. Although Helena initially refuses to accept her sister's fate, she ultimately allows her to slip from her fingers to her death, vowing never to cry again until she is avenged.''"


RE.NET Extra File C-Virus.jpg

"An RNA Virus that causes deterioration of red blood cells, inflicting a host of bizarre mutations. Humans infected with the C-Virus mutate into B.O.W.s known as J'avo. The C-Virus is able to restore damage to the host's tissue, but in doing so causes further mutation. When these mutations exceed a certain threshold, the host is enveloped in a chrysalid, emerging shortly after as a complete mutation. The C-Virus was developed in the laboratory beneath Tall Oaks cathedral owned by the Simmons family, and the C in C-Virus stands for chrysalid. Based on the T-Veronica Virus used in the Rockfort Island incident in 1998, the C-Virus strengthens and improves the mutagenic effects of its predecessor—an effect which can be seen in the insect and plant-like mutations it induces. Those infected with the C-Virus undergo a self-combustion of sorts upon death due to their abnormally high body temperature; this is also believed to be an effect inherited from the T-Veronica Virus, which gave its victims flammable blood. While an extensive period of cryogenic stasis was necessary for assimilation of the T-Veronica Virus, the C-Virus has successfully overcome virus rejection by the brain cells, and this allows those infected to carry out orders to a certain degree and operate complicated machinery such as weapons and vehicles. The C-Virus vaccine known as Anti-C was developed using the antibodies found in Jake Muller, who inherited a number of viral-resistant characteristics from his father Albert Wesker and so was unaffected by C-Virus administration. The U.S. government used Jake's blood to manufacture Anti-C, thereby containing the potentially disastrous effects of the outbreak. Administering the vaccine before infection will immunize against the C-Virus, and even those already infected have a chance of survival if the vaccine is administered before J'avo mutation is complete. The vaccine can also immediately neutralize J'avo, chrysalides, and complete mutations. Given the C-Virus's mutagenic properties, however, there is a high chance of the virus itself mutating, and it is only a matter of time before an Anti-C resistant strain evolves.''"


RE.NET Extra File Rasklapanje.jpg

"A complete C-Virus mutation, which even Neo-Umbrella researchers failed to predict. Its Serbian name means "dismantle" and is derived from its ability to split its body into multiple parts. Its true body hides in the abdominal cavity underneath its smooth, whitish skin, and damaging the flesh or even severing the creature will usually have little effect. While it may appear to be immobilized after suffering a certain amount of damage, it is able to recompose itself shortly after, and displays other peculiar behavior such as tearing off and throwing its own hands. When it splits its own body, generally the upper and lower halves of its body and its hands will detach and are able to move independently—the Rasklapanje can reassemble itself at any time though. Due to its mollusk-like, supple body, it is also able to squeeze through narrow passages such as ventilation ducts. While it may seem like an almost invincible B.O.W., it is weak to fire, and its true body will reveal itself if exposed to high temperatures. The Rasklapanje's real form can also be seen when it forces itself into another captured body via the mouth when reproducing. By using certain objects, a Rasklapanje's hands can be defeated in a variety of unique ways—for example, they can be zapped in a microwave, thrown in a pot of boiling liquid, flushed down a toilet, or shredded in a mincer.''"


RE.NET Extra File Gnezdo.jpg

"A C-Virus mutation that occurs after chrysalidification, composed of countless bee-like creatures who group together to form the silhouette of a woman. The creature is named after the Serbian word for "nest." The queen controls the swarm from within, sharing a single nervous system with the entire cloud; as long as she lives, the creature cannot be defeated. When attacked, the individuals that make up the swarm will spread out to protect the queen—if she is killed, the Gnezdo will be destroyed completely. Normally, Gnezdo in their human form will appear to move by walking. When they discover an enemy, part of the swarm forms a mass that is fired at the enemy from the hand of the human-shaped form. When the swarm makes contact with its target, it will surround it and start to feed. Although these characteristics make Gnezdo a formidable enemy, it can be evaded by diving underwater.''"


  1. Chapter 2-3 in Resident Evil 5 has both a car chase and the fight with Ndesu, but they do not happen in the order suggested here. After escaping in the BSAA vehicle from Rider Majini, Chris and Sheva are cornered by Ndesu in an immobile BSAA vehicle.
  2. While there is a drawing room at the training school, the Ecliptic Express does not have two stories. The entry is referring to the saloon car on the train.
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