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Eye of the Storm (災厄の始点 saiyaku no shiten?) is the opening mission to Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City's SpecOps missions.


"No one knows what happened to Raccoon City - it just went quiet. The few reports collected are nonsensical, at best. To discover the truth, the government has sent a team of special operatives known as Echo Six."

It is 36 hours after communication from Raccoon City has become distorted with incoherent reports of a crisis. SpecOps Command sends in its Echo Six unit to investigate.


SPECOPS Command: We got an epidemic in our hands folks.Quarantine the area.The city's gone to shit. I've never seen anything like this. Alright,deploy the Special Operatives. There's more than just a common cold going around down there.We need to get to the bottom of this...


Your main objective is to get to the Raccoon City Police Department, though you will be side-tracked by a squad of Umbrella Security Service using the 777 RC-Radio building as a base. Take out the zombies in the street outside the building, followed by the USS operatives defending the building from the roof; when both threats are eliminated, move inside. The Black Card is immediately in front of you, albeit at the back of a room filled with more U.S.S. Use it on the shutter and take out the U.S.S. inside.

At the other end of the room is a terminal that can be used to power the lights. Unfortunately, it fails to do just that. Collect the flares from the ground floor (a waypoint will show you where it is) and head upstairs - watch out for infected U.S.S.

You must now head upstairs to the roof in order to fire flares in order to get command's attention. With the flares fired, you must now just hold off the zombies long enough for command to respond to them. Eventually, SpecOps reinforcements will arrive through a shutter against the streets. With the SpecOps securing the area, proceed through the shutter they entered through.

Once you reach the police department, you will encounter Jill Valentine as she flees from the Nemesis-T Type. Run with her as she encircles the Raccoon City Police Station. Eventually you will meet the Nemesis again - defend Jill from the creature.

Further notes


On the PC version, after you escape Nemesis, when you're ambushed by the zombies and crimson heads. The crimson head that's supposed to bust through the door doesn't break.

Easter eggs


The vehicles outside Motel Dere are placed differently from what they are in the USS mission, "Expendable". There are now a number of buses around the bus terminal.


777 RC-Radio was previously featured in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles as chatter on HUNK's radio. This is its first, physical appearance.


Weapons that can be found during the mission:

Dropped by enemies:

Found during the mission: