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Eyewitness is a document found online as part of the Inserted Evil ARG game.


Transcription From Tape - Zaire3324

Recorded -

I saw the six gray men moving behind the stalls, like shadows, crouching, sliding, almost invisible - but I still saw them.

Suddenly I see a larger group of other men, mercenaries from Eastern Europe walking down the street. They saw the gray men and shoot immediately - cha cha cha cha cha cha. 20 guns firing and firing.

The leader of the gray men, he shouts out to take cover and begins firing too with a small maching gun, all cool and calm. Some of the Europeans were hit and soon all the gray men were firing.

More Europeans were killed, but also two of the gray men - and then the lead grey man commands the grays to attack! They leaped out of cover and towards the others they ran shooting and ducking and diving and rolling and shooting. Two more went down but even more Europeans.

The leader and one other gray man made it through and they were right on the Europeans - at least seven or eight of them left. But the grays they and shoot and chop, until boom, a shotgun blast takes one down.

Only the leader left, but he fights in blur, kicking up dust until I can't see, only hear. Then the dust clears, and he's standing there. And no-one else is. He looks at me...

Did he know I was there the whole time watching him?

He stares blankly at me as though I should fear for my life and is gone, again like a shadow. The image forever burned in my mind.