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FILE:22 Plague Crawler (FILE:22 プレイグクローラー?) is a file in the CLUB96 "digital archive". Members of the fanclub can access it here. The official RE.NET localization can be found here.


A B.O.W. developed by genetically manipulating multiple generations of T-Virus infected insect species. Created in the early days of T-Virus research, the Plague Crawler is around two meters in size and has giant, lethal, scythe-like forearms. While it was ultimately found to be unsuitable for use in actual combat, and further research was canceled and the specimens destroyed, a number of Plague Crawlers were able to escape processing at the Umbrella Management Training Facility, so the species cannot be said to be completely extinct.

Manipulating the genes of creatures to improve them or to produce a new species is a process that happens in the real world, but the use of the T-Virus produces far more drastic results such as the sporadic mutation of a creature's features, or the merging of multiple creatures into a single organism. Together with gigantism and the accelerated evolution mentioned earlier, this merging ability is another one of the T-Virus's more obvious features.




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