Face to Face is the scene in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, which plays after Ethan finally finds Mia and Zoe in the boat house.



Ethan Winters: "Zoe? Zoe, I—"
Zoe Baker: "Not now. We don't have the time. Do you have both ingredients?"
Ethan: "Right here. This should be enough, right?"
Zoe: "If we make 'em fast enough. My father and Lucas aren't far away."
Mia Winters: "He's coming. Daddy's coming."
Zoe: "Good, there's enough for two."
Ethan: "So, after we make the serum, what's next?"
Zoe: "There's a boat outside. We'll take it through the swamp. But neither of us'll get very far without the serum."

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