The panel room is an area of the Umbrella Chemical Plant outside Raccoon City featured in Resident Evil 2.


The panel room is a small dimly lit room with a desk which has a typewriter and lone computer resting upon it there is also a weapon box located in this room.


This room contains an Item Box and a Typewriter. To reach this room the player must exit through the factory passage 2 (East Passage). There are first aid spray, magnum and handgun ammo pick ups in this room.


Resident Evil 2
Location Localization Original Script
Control panel on the front, left side A machine control panel.
Schedule on the wall The factory manager's schedule is written here. It doesn't look like it's been used in a while.
Resident Evil 0
Location Localisation Original script
Cabinet against the door "The cabinet door is open. There's nothing left inside the cabinet." 「扉が開いている


Helmet rack "Some worker helmets." 「作業員用のヘルメットだ」
Hatch "It's tightly sealed." 「頑丈に閉じられている」
Monitor (after the T-001 fight) "A safety mechanism seems to have activated and the turntable won't work. Something must have happened on the lower level." 「安全装置が作動していてターンテーブルを動かせない


Console next to the typewriter 「工場内の設備をモニターする装置のようだ


Blackboard "The blackboard lists the work schedule for the construction site." 「工場の作業予定が書かれている」





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