Factory Chief's Journal 1 is a file in Resident Evil Revelations 2.


Factory Chief's Journal 1's location in the game.

Factory Chief's Journal 1 is found in the food factory.


(Written in Russian)

I did everything I could, but it looks like I'm gonna disappoint my parents after all. I can't save the family factory.

There are no orders coming in. Nothing I can do about that. It's gotta be her fault! No doubt about it!

She's been persistent in her efforts to drive us out of here. Looks like she's gonna get her way. She's knows there's no way for us to fight back. Just who does she think she is, anyway? Acting like some kind of all-powerful dictator!

But the way things are now, it would be impossible to openly oppose her while living here on this island.

I don't really have a choice. I have to do what she wants. At least she promises I can stay on as the chief...


親から譲り受けたこの工場を、 なんとか潰すまいと必死の努力を続けて来たが、 もうダメかもしれない。

こいつは間違いなく、 あの女の仕業だ!

この工場を明け渡すように、 執拗に要請し続けていやがったからな……。


ふざけやがって! 女王気取りか!?

やはり、 あいつに逆らってこの島で生きていくのは、 今となってはもう不可能ってことなのか。

工場長の立場は保証すると言ってやがるし、 悔しいが従うしかないみてぇだ……。



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