"Fairweather Friend" is a cutscene in Resident Evil: Revelations 2. It is the ending scene to Natalia's Extra Episode, "Little Miss".


After Natalia finds Lottie, it is revealed that it was all a trap concocted by Alex's consciousness in order to take over Natalia's body. The plan failed however. Lottie and Dark Natalia disappears, and Natalia finds herself in front of the docks where she eventually meets Barry Burton.


Natalia: "Lottie!"
Lottie: "Gosh-arooney, you little BITCH. I was supposed to win this game of tug-of-war."
Dark Natalia: "But there's still plenty of time to get under your skin."
"And next time, you won't see me coming."
Natalia: "A boat."
Barry: "I'm here, baby. Please be alive."

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