Fallen Hero (転落 (てんらく)した英雄 (えいゆう) Tenraku shita eiyū?) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 6. It is played during Chris Chapter 1.


In June 2013, Chris, now a mere shadow of his former self, was finally tracked down by Piers at the bar that he frequented. When he was asked to leave by the bartender, he refused. Another patron stepped in to help her, only for Chris to snap and physically attack the man, nearly hitting him with a bottle before Piers stepped in. After expressing his disgust about how far that Chris fell, he didn't remember Piers. Piers tells him that he can't hide from his past, no matter where he go or what he do. Piers then forced Chris to confront his past by showing him the images of their deceased comrades and the tragedy in Edonia to little avail. However, when Chris recognized the BSAA logo on Piers' jacket, all of the bar's patrons revealed themselves to be BSAA operatives in disguise while Piers told Chris that he belonged with him and they are taking him back to duty one way or another.


June 29, 2013
Eastern Europe

Chris: "Another round."

Piers: "Hard to find a good steak around here. Not like back home."

Chris: "Fill her up."

Woman: "You've had enough."

Chris: "Listen sweetheart, you're here to pour drinks and look pretty, so how about you shut your mouth?"

Woman: "How about you get the hell out my bar?"

Chris: "Nowhere to go."

Man: "Dama vas zamolio da odu." ("The lady asked you to leave.")
"I said she asked you to leave."

Piers: "Never thought I'd find Chris Redfield wasting away in a shithole like this."

Chris: "Who the hell are you?"

Piers: "Piers. Piers Nivans."

Chris: "Never heard o'ya."

Piers: "How about this? You heard of this?"

Chris: "What is that?"

Piers:"You really don't remember anything, do you?"

Chris: "Bio..."

Piers:"You can't hide from your past, Chris. No matter where you go or what you do."

Chris: "Who are you? What is this?"

Piers: "OK... You don't remember me? Well how about them?"
"Look. I said LOOK! Those were your men! Men who died under your command! You owe it to them to remember, Chris! If you walk away now, then this was all for nothing!"

Chris: "Enough!"

Piers: "Damn it! Six months of searching for you, and this is what I find!"

Chris: "BSAA..."

Piers: "Yeah, It's where you belong. Everyone's waiting."

Chris: "Everyone?"

Piers: "We're taking you back, Captain. One way or another."


Chris: "もう一杯だ"

Piers: "この辺じゃ    なかなか"
"でも    ここのはアタリだ"

Chris: "もっと注げよ"

Woman: "充分でしょ"

Chris: "聞けよ    嬢ちゃん"
"おまえは    愛想良く笑って愛想良く笑って酒を注ぐために ここにいるんだろ?
"わかったら    おクチを閉じて仕事しな"

Woman: "もう帰って"

Chris: "帰る場所なんか無いんだよ…"

Man: "出てけって言わ九ただろ?"

Piers: "ひどい有り様ですね"

Chris: "…誰だ おまえは"

Piers: "ピアーズ…"

Chris: "知らないな"

Piers: "これはどうです"

Chris: "何が起こってる?"

Piers: "本当に何も覚えてないんですね"

Chris: "バイオテロ…"

Piers: "事実から目を背けることは許されない"

Chris: "誰なんだ    おまえは?"

Piers: "思い出せませんか    俺のこと"
"みんな    あんたにすべてを託して死んでいった仲間だ!"
"あんたが    賞えていなきゃいけないヤツらなんだよ!"
"そうやって    目を背けて金部    無かったことにする気かよ!"

Chris: "もういい…!"

Piers: "クソ…"
"半年間    死に物狂いで探し続けた結果が    これかよ…!"

Chris: "BSAA…"

Piers: "…あんたの帰るべきところだ"

Chris: "…皆?"

Piers: "あんたを迎えにきたんだ    隊長"
"何がなんでも    連れて行く"




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