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The Fax is a file that can be found in the Spencer Mansion in both of the original 1996 Resident Evil and its 2002 remake. It names the cause for the bizarre creatures as the "t-Virus", which has been released accidentally in the facility. The committee responsible for overseeing the recent events becomes concerned that S.T.A.R.S. will soon be deployed into the area.



General Manager of Sanitation Division

Special Committee on Disasters Raccoon Special Research Dept.

This memorandum is strictly confidential and must be destroyed as soon as it is understood.

Regarding the "T-Virus" outbreak which occurred recently, this Committee conducted a field survey. According to the survey results, estimates on the amount of damage caused by the accident are considerably greater than reported earlier.

First, although it is very difficult to obtain accurate data in terms of actual numbers, it is thought that more than half of the researchers died after exposure to the "T-Virus". The body count will almost likely increase since nearly all of the survivors show symptoms peculiar to the "T-Virus".

Second, our security system is still in operation. However, our special security guard squad has been nearly destroyed.

Because of that, research information considered by our company to be top secret has been made available to outsiders. Counter-measures should be taken as soon as possible.

Finally, many of the "subjects" from the experiments have escaped and are out of control. We believe that some researchers were killed by these "subjects" and their bodies were mutilated.

By a curious coincidence, these events are proof of the success of our research. However, there is also a very high risk that this news may be leaked to the press if we don't act immediately.

The condition is very serious. Our operation to cover-up the situation is difficult to attain, however we hope the problem will be solved quickly. We are especially concerned that the State Police and S.T.A.R.S. are intervening too quickly. We need to act on this situation as well.

To: Sanitation Division
Attn: Manager of Sanitation
From: Raccoon Disaster Contingency Committee

The contents of this fax are confidential and intended for the named addressee only. Any copying, or disclosure of the contents of this fax to any third party is strictly forbidden by the sender.

After reading the contents of this fax, must be destroyed immediately.

We expect significant increase in the damage done by the recent T-Virus outbreak than initially estimated. There are several concerns.

First concern
More than half of the researchers have been infected by the T-Virus and died. It has also been reported that almost all of the survivors of this accident are starting to show symptoms of the T-Virus infection.

Second concern
Our Secret Security Patrol Team has also been completely eradicated. Therefore, our most secret research is in danger of public disclosure. Quick actions are demanded to prevent mass media coverage.

Third concern
There is a high possibility that most of the specimens are running loose inside the compound. We expect many casualties to follow.

However yet unfortunate, these casualties underscore the success our research results. Actions must be taken to prevent our research results from being made public.

We suspect the first official intervention will come from the State Police and S.T.A.R.S. We strongly recommend taking measures against them first.

受信先 衛生管理部門 統合本部長
発信元 ラクーン特研部災害対策委員会