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Fax From The H. Q., known as the FAX from the directorate of operations (作戦本部からのFAX Sakusen honbu kara no fakkusu ?) is a file that can be found IN the park cabin in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

The fax is a warning to Umbrella's monitor personnel regarding the Sterilization Operation. Umbrella has now failed to delay Congress[notes 1] from allowing the military to destroy Raccoon City, and has ordered its monitors to leave the city by the morning with their all-too-important combat data.


It's found attached to the blackboard.


Attention. The Raccoon City project has been abandoned. Our political maneuvering in the senate to delay their plans are now futile. All supervisors should evacuate immediately. The US army is going to execute their plan tomorrow morning. The city will be obliterated at day break for sure.


Raccoon City has been abandoned.
Our strategy of delaying Congressional debate has already exceeded its limits.
All Monitors are to escape by any means as soon as possible.
The U.S. military is to perform the operation tomorrow morning.
The city will certainly disappear at daybreak.



  1. The Japanese word 議会 (Gikai?) means "Congress" or "Parliament". Senate is not a direct translation of this word, which is instead 上院 (Jōin?)