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The Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies[1][note 1] is a council of pharmaceutical corporations throughout the globe. Notable members and/or former members included the pharmaceutical arm of TRICELL, Inc. and Umbrella.


The council existed for some time before the 1998 Raccoon City Destruction Incident where they unwittingly aided Umbrella in the development of bio-weapons: it was found out during the Raccoon Trials that Umbrella developed their weaponry with the use of fellow pharmaceutical companies under the guise of the co-development of medicines. Facing the possibility of a ban from trading and bankruptcy, the council members were allowed to remain in business thanks to a deal with the prosecutors: if they supplied the court with evidence implicating Umbrella with wrongdoing, their own misdeeds would be overlooked.[2]

Umbrella was found guilty in 2003[3] with its last remaining facilities collapsing in 2004.[4] Unfortunately, Umbrella's collapse during the trials led to the company desperately selling bio-weapons to terrorists and guerrila fighters. To recover their lost image, the council founded the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, an elite team sent out to fight in anti-bioterrorist operations.

During the 2009 Kijuju incident, it was found out by the BSAA that TRICELL, Inc., a member of the council's board was also a producer of Bio Organic Weapons. What these events had on the council afterwards is unknown.


  1. Known as the "Global Pharmaceutical Consortium" in the English localizations.