The "Ferromagnetic Infantry-use Next Generation Railgun" (FINGeR for short) was a portable rail cannon developed by Cornell Garner and the U.S. military in order to eliminate bioweapons in case of an outbreak.[1]

Hooked up to the NEST 2 electric generator, the cannon draws energy from the 10 large batteries inserted into the generator. As a safety precaution, some of its batteries are ejected after a particularly large energy drain and must be reinserted in order to use the rail gun again.

In October 1, 1998, Jill Valentine uses the FINGeR to battle Nemesis's final mutation, ultimately destroying it by shoving the gun into its mouth and firing point-blank. The blast obliterated Nemesis and blew a sizable hole through several walls, badly damaging the NEST facility as Valentine set out to confront Nikolai Zinoviev.


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