Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Field Operations Support (F.O.S.) is a government branch that operates as a go-between for agents from all other government departments.[1]

Purpose and structure

F.O.S. was initially responsible as the main source of communications for those in the field and on missions. F.O.S. agents are tasked with providing information relevant to an agent's mission and providing them with resources such as route lay-outs, mission updates, or other specified orders. The F.O.S. is also responsible for relaying situation reports between agents and other higher-standing government officials. As the threat of bioterrorism continued to climb, F.O.S. was redeveloped as the U.S.' primary communications hub for anti-bioterror activities.[2]

Ingrid Hannigan is currently the only known F.O.S. agent (although others can be seen operating in the same room), often being the information source for D.S.O. agent Leon S. Kennedy. It is also suggested Hannigan has had interaction with U.S.S.S. agent Helena Harper as well.


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