Field Operations Support is a file that can be found in Resident Evil 6.[1] As with all files in the game, the bottom part of this file can only be read on RE.NET.


See Serpent Emblems guide.

The file can be found by breaking the Serpent Emblem in the subway.[1]

After unlocking the file in the Collections menu, an extended version of the file can be found by accessing Resident


Field Operations Support (FOS) is an organization operating at the highest level of the U.S. government.

Its original mission was to provide support for agents from multiple U.S. intelligence agencies discharging their duties around the world. As the dangers posed by bioterrorism came to take priority for U.S. security, the FOS was evolved to oversee all operations that deal with response to and prevention of bioterrorism.

The FOS was originally formed in 2011 by Adam Benford, with Ingrid Hunnigan installed as operations coordinator and Leon Kennedy as its chief field agent.

The FOS currently focuses on supporting the Division of Security Operations and their missions.

After receiving word on the large-scale biological attack on Tall Oaks and the president's assassination, presidential aide Derek C. Simmons mobilized agents in order to assess the situation. Below is an urgent message sent from Hunnigan to her superiors shortly after the attack on Tall Oaks.
This is Ingrid Hunnigan.

I have made contact with Helena Harper of the USSS. She and Leon Kennedy of the DSO have confirmed that the president has died from infection. They are now moving out to pursue who they believe to be behind the incident. I repeat, the president has been confirmed dead and two agents are now in pursuit of the suspect.[2]

FOS (Field Operations Support)は、世界中に散らばる合衆国エージェントの統括およびそのサポートを行うオペレーターの連携を強化するため発足した組織。各々が異なる組織に身を置いていたエージェントを統括し、オペレーターをひとつの組織下で管理することで、年々複雑化を増すバイオテロに対し組織的に対抗することに成功した

組織の発案者はアダム・ベンフォード。レオン・S・ケネディとイングリッド・ハニガンが中心となり、2011年に発足した。現在FOSは、レオンが所属するエージェント機関DSO(Division of Security Operations)のサポートを主としている。








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