Fierce Battle (AC-017) is an Action card in Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game. First introduced in the second set Alliance, it is the successor of the Ominous Battle (AC-010) card from the base set.


Fierce Battle is similar to The Merchant and Mansion Foyer (AC-001), in that it let's the player draw cards without trashing or discarding any. Currently, it has the highest draw amount of any card effect in the game, which is +4 Cards to the player using this card and +1 Card (through the primary effect) to another player designated by the user. Due to its lack of any other effects, its difficult to use this card multiple times in one turn unless the player uses a strong Action stacking card such as Reload (AC-005) or Uroboros Injection (AC-018) beforehand. Another hindrance is its relatively high Gold Cost of 80. Overall its an effective card for "gearing up" all in one turn.

The artwork on Fierce Battle is the cover artwork for Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition. It depicts Leon S. Kennedy surrounded by Los Ganados from the village and their leader Bitores Mendez.


  • A common strategy is using Fierce Battle with the second Jack Krauser card (using his appearance from Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles). Krauser's first effect limits him to only using one weapon. But his second effect makes Fierce Battle a valuable asset. Krauser's gains X times 5 Damage, with X being the number of cards in his hand. Through two FB cards, he can wield a weapon such as a Shotgun and easily give it +40 Damage. Through more Action stacking, he can potentially be one of the game's most effective characters.
  • Characters with effects that grant them extra Actions, such as Ada Wong and the Lost in Nightmares Jill Valentine, make this card easier to use and can be a big help to Krauser if they're paired with him in the game's Partner Mode.
  • Extra cards give more leverage to characters like Leon S. Kennedy, Mark Wilkins, and the first Jack Krauser card, who specialize in Handgun, Melee, and Knife weapon types respectively. Giving them more of what they need is good secondary strategy if the player is holding out for Actions such as Deadly Aim (AC-002) and Desperate Escape (AC-022).
  • Any player combining this card with the Gatling Gun (which essentially has the same effect as Krauser) will have an effective means to defeat Infected. Additionally, put in the hands of the first Claire Redfield card its power can be boosted even more.

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