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Fighting Back: The Action of Afterlife is a DVD featurette in found in copies of Resident Evil: Afterlife.


Taking the franchise to a whole new level.

  • Ali Larter describes her actions in the film as being predominantly physical, with her doing some of her own stunts as well as fights.
  • Boris Kodjoe liked the chance to train for the film and get into good shape. He admired the chance to use physical props in stunts.
  • Milla Jovovich loves doing her own stunts. For fight scenes she trained in martial arts; according to her husband Paul W.S. Anderson this was done by Rick Forcythe, her stunt coordinator from Extinction. An addition to her training regimen was lessons from Japanese swordmasters, which helped give an authentic feel to Alice's sword swinging early in the movie.
  • Revolvers and sawn-off shotguns were envisioned by Anderson as being more 'American' weapons. To give a unique taste, Anderson came up with the subplot of Alice collecting coins to be used as bullets.
  • Glen McPherson and Anderson described the hazards of stunts. The wire stunt used for a scene where Alice lures Undead off of the prison roof could have easily ended in serious injury for Milla.