"An undeveloped roll of film. "Rising Rookie" is written on it."
— Inventory description
"現像されていないカメラのフィルム。 ラベルに「期待のニュー・フェイス」と 書かれている。"
— Inventory description - Japanese

The Film: "Rising Rookie" is one of the Roll Films in the Resident Evil 2 remake


In order to be able to pick up this item, the Film: "Hiding Place" needs to be found and then developed at the Dark-room. Once this is done, Wesker's desk will have a prompt - a Wooden Box is given (with the Red Dot Sight (Lightning Hawk) for Leon and High-Capacity Mag. (MQ-11) for Claire), after this, simply press the interact button again to collect this film, however there will be no button display on-screen.


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