Final Chapter is the final part of Resident Evil 4's Chapter 5, and the final chapter in the game.


After regarding Ashley's safety, Leon tells her to wait whilst he takes a lift to The Islands upper deck. He witnesses Ada, hanging however she is very much alive as the rope is attached around her waist area. Leon then faces the dilemma of saving Ada and defeating Saddler, he aims his knife at him however throws it at a fan which reflects it cutting the rope holding Ada up, she then falls to safety. Saddlers true mutation starts to show, revealing an eyeball coming from his mouth, into a sudden transformation almost spider like his head now extended on the end of a parasite form. His body is still visible for a short time. His head replaced with many parasitic legs.


The player must now fight Saddler, in what may be a hard match. The solution is to aim for the eyeball, this will make it burst out a brown goo. It is common that this level takes a while to complete for most users depending on their chosen weapon. Halfway through the battle a now recovered Ada will throw a rocket launcher, to aid Leon. The player then has to first find the rocket launcher, however it takes a single hit from this rocket launcher to disable and collapse Saddler to the ground, once he is in this state the player is able to climb upon Saddler, knifing the eyeball.

However this is not necessary, as the player can simple use the rocket launcher and keep aiming until Saddler is defeated. There is then a cutscene Ada, who has boarded the only available plane, drops a bomb device suggesting Leon gets of the Island before it blows. She also gives Leon some keys to a jet ski, Leon must then active the lift, get to Ashley and run to the jet ski all doing so with a time limit. When the player boards the jet ski, with Ashley they must avoid mounts of rock and such and escape through the cave entrance on time, they then make it out stating the end of the game. A cut scene is played where Leon tells Ashley it isn't over he still has to get her home. Credits are then played, showing the before and after lives of the villagers.

Battle tips

Make facing Saddler not such a task, with these easy to follow hints and tips

  • Use the Mine Thrower to shoot mines at him. 1 mine will knock him down so you can stab him. Repeat 4-5 times and Ada will throw you the Special Rocket Launcher.

Or If you have beaten the game already...

  • If you've saved up enough money via collecting and selling treasure, such as butterfly lanterns, then eventually you may be able to afford an Infinite Rocket Launcher. This is handy because you needn't wait for Ada to throw her Rocket Launcher to you. You can simply use your infinite launcher straight away, thus reducing the amount of time needed to kill Saddler. Ada however will still throw the Rocket Launcher, and while you will not need it to kill Saddler, you can sell it next game for 30,000 pesetas.




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