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Final Chapter ending (tentative) is a cutscene in the end of the "Final Chapter" level of Resident Evil 4.



The Japanese transcript was obtained from[1]

Leon S. Kennedy: "Ashley!"
"Ashley, where are you!?"

Ashley Graham: "Leon!"

Leon: "Come on. Let's go home."

Ashley: "Sounds like a great idea. Mission accomplished! Right, Leon?"

Leon: "Not quite. I still have to get you home safe."

Ashley: "So, after you take me back to my place, how about we do some... overtime?"

Leon: "Heh. Sorry."

Ashley: "Somehow I knew you were going to say that, but it doesn't hurt to ask, you know."
"So, who was that woman anyway?"

Leon: "Why do you ask?"

Ashley: "Come on. Tell me."

Leon: "She's like a part of me I can't let go. Let's leave it at that."

Leon S. Kennedy: *ad-lib*

Ashley Graham: *ad-lib*

Leon: "さあ    帰ろう"

Ashley: "ええ    任務完了ね    レオン"

Leon: "まだ君を本国に送り届ける任務残ってる"

Ashley: "よかったら    その後の任務も頼もうかしら"

Leon: "残念だ"

Ashley: "そう言うと思ったわ…"
"ところで    あの女の人誰なの"

Leon: "聞いてどうする?"

Ashley: "ねぇ    教えてよ"

Leon: "俺の心の中にある幻影かもな…"


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