Finally free (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica.


Finally, out of the island, Claire and Steve were overjoyed by their success, a small brief moment of relief.


Steve Burnside: We made it! Yahoo!

Claire Redfield: Ugh, it's finally over!

Steve: Claire, I'm sorry. I know I caused a lot of trouble for you.

Claire: No, it's okay. It was hard for both of us.

Steve: Well, really hope you find your brother. I...I know what it's like to be...alone...

Claire: Oh, Steve...

Steve: Ahem. So, where should we go now? I can take you anywhere you want to go, Claire.

Claire: Heh. I hear Hawaii is nice this time of year.

Steve: You got it!

Steve Burnside: やった!とうとう脱出したぜ!

Claire Redfield: これで自由になれたのね

Steve: クレア・・・悪かったな。 俺 お調子もんだからさ 色々迷惑かけてさ

Claire: 何言ってるの。おたがい様じゃないの

Steve: 兄さんに会えるといいよな。俺は・・・一人ぼっちに なっちまったけど

Claire: スティーブ・・・

Steve: ところで これからどこへ行く? クレアの行きたい所 どこへでも行くぜ

Claire: 今ごろだと ハワイがシーズンね

Steve: 決まりだ!



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