Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

— Finn to Chris before his death

Finn Macauley was a member of the BSAA North American division and a member of the Alpha Team in 2012. He served under Captain Chris Redfield in Edonia along with Piers Nivans; Ben Airhart; Carl Alfonso and Andy Walker.


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Finn reaching out for Chris.

Finn was a newcomer to the BSAA in late-2012 acknowledged as "the rookie" by his Captain, Chris. He took part in the Edonian campaign on December 24. He seemed nervous in his first mission, but was easily calmed by Chris who told him that the team would have his back no matter what. Finn clearly held Chris in a very high regard, as moments after, he asked Piers if Chris was "always this awesome."

Finn demonstrated a knowledge of pyrotechnics (Explosives)[1][2] and was present when the team met Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin as well as discovering the C-Virus. He, Ben, Carl and Andy are attacked by Carla Radames' "Needle Bomb". As a result, Finn and the three other operatives quickly succumbed to the virus and mutated into a Napad. With his last breath, he reached for Chris in a helpless gesture of pain, though Chris could only watch. As the mutation finished, there was nothing left of the original BSAA operatives and Finn immediately attacked Chris, knocking him unconscious. He was later killed by the BSAA support troops.[2]

The deaths of Finn and the other BSAA operatives forced Chris to leave the organization, becoming an alcoholic as he suffered from post-traumatic amnesia. Six months after the incident, Piers Nivans recalled Chris on their comrades' deaths and convinced him to rejoin the BSAA to assist the organization in the Lanshiang incident.[3]



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