"A hose to be connected to a fire hydrant."

Fire Hose location

Fire Hose location

In Resident Evil 3, the Fire Hose is used to allow access to the sales management office in search of the parts to fix the cable car. It is found hanging on a wall in one of the many backstreets and must be detached with the Wrench found inside the cable car. While checking the hydrant with the hose, Jill can read the message: "There's a fire hydrant. A Fire Hose is fixed with bolts."

Jill can examine the hydrant at the Hydrant Alley where the she must use the hose. It reads: "There is a fire hydrant. If I had a Fire Hose, I might be able to extinguish the fire over there.", meaning the fire burning in the alley. After extinguishing the fire, Jill can check the hydrant again for the message: "There is a fire hydrant.". The hose disappears from the inventory after using it.




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