The Firing Range is a location in the Resident Evil 2 remake.


The Firing Range is a two-part room that features targets for the police officers to train or practice their aim on.


Inside the Firing Range there are two zombies and Flame Rounds for Claire or Shotgun Shells for Leon at the southeast corner. To the right of this ammo, below one of the targets, is a Mr. Raccoon on the floor.

Outside of the room (where supposedly the targets are shot from), there is the Equipment Disposal Notice file and the Tin Storage Box which has the Car Key inside that's used to get the JMB Hp3 handgun at the Parking Garage for Claire or the Gun Stock (Matilda) for Leon.

Next to the room that requires the Diamond Key is the A Message From Mr. Raccoon file.

Additionally, the two zombies in this room are playing dead, if they are shot, they will get up and start targeting the player. However, after the Diamond Key is picked up at the Morgue, these zombies will not be playing dead anymore, so it's best to enter this room and collect the resources before obtaining the key.


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