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"Medicine that fully heals all wounds."
— Inventory description
"Medicine that fully heals all wounds. Closes gashes and acts as a clotting agent while restoring function to damaged systems."
— Item inspection
— Inventory description - Japanese
"体力が完全に回復する薬。 ふりかけると瞬間的に傷口を止血し、 組織の再生を促す効果がある。"
— Item inspection - Japanese

First Aid Med is an item in Resident Evil Village.


First Aid Med is a healing item available to Ethan Winters in the game. It takes up two spaces in the inventory and can be sold for 800 Lei, it can be crafted by combining one Chem Fluid with one Herb.

While mounted on Heisenberg's Self-propelled Artillery, it cannot be used.