For the music that plays in this cutscene, see First Contact (music).

First Contact (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica.


After escaping from the cemetery, Claire is greeted with a light projector and a turret shooting at her. Claire takes cover behind the destroyed truck only to find a pistol near a corpse. Claire takes the gun and starts shooting back after the turret stopped which ended with killing the light and the surrender of the unknown individual when he realized she wasn't a zombie. After that, Steve goes down to solve the misunderstanding, they introduce to each other with a small exchange about the situation and a possible way out through the airport. Then Steve abruptly takes leave, Claire tries to stop him but he refuses to cooperate and continues to walk away.


Steve Burnside: "Waa! Wait wait! Don't Shoot!"

Claire Redfield: "Who are you?"

Steve: "Huh? You're not a zombie."
"Oh Great."
"Wait right there. I'm coming over."
"Uh, sorry about that little misunderstanding, but I thought you were another one of those mon-"

Claire: "Shut up!"
"Make one wrong move and I'll shoot!"

Steve: "Relax, beautiful. I said I was sorry."
"My name's Steve."
"I was a prisoner on this island, and I'm guessing you're not from Umbrella, either."

Claire: "No. I'm Claire - Claire Redfield."

Steve: "Claire."
"Hmm nice."
"I'll remember that."
"Hey, I heard there's an airport around here"
"Once I find it, I can finally escape from this crazy island."
"Well, see ya."

Claire: "Hey, wait up!"

Steve: "I don't want you following me, lady."
"You'll only slow me down."

Steve Burnside: ちょ    ちょっと待った!    撃つな!

Claire Redfield: あなた誰!?

Steve: なんだ? ゾンビじゃないのか
ちょっと待ってな    今そっちに行くから!
悪いな    また化け物が出たかとカン違いしちゃってさ

Claire: 動かないで!

Steve: そう怒るなよ    あやまったじゃねぇか
俺    スティーブ

Claire: 違うわ    私はクレア

Steve: クレアね
そうだ    知ってるか?
そいつを見つけりゃ    所とも    あさらばできるぜ

Claire: あ    待ちなさい!

Steve: だめだぜ    ついて来ちゃ

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