First Encounter is the fifth cutscene in Resident Evil 5, playing during "Chapter 1-1". In the Japanese script, it is known as "Majini first encounter" (マジニと初遭遇 Majini to hatsu sōgū?).[1] All cutscenes for the game were storyboarded by yU+co. artist, Jerry Bingham.[2]


Chris and Sheva enter a building where they see two Majini and a man, one of them infecting the man with a Plaga Type 2 parasite. Chris and Sheva aim their guns at the disturbing sight, where the Majini run off and they are left to witness the man quickly becoming a Majini, where it attacks them shortly after.


Chris Redfield: "Freeze!"
"Are you okay?"

Chris Redfield: "何をしてる!?"



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