"Bunny girl fishnet tights... Was Jack planning to change the uniform at the bar? Perv... "
Cindy Lennox, upon examining this item.

The Fishnet Tights (バニー網タイツ Banī-mō taitsu?, Bunny Fishnet Stockings) is a special item in Resident Evil Outbreak.


The Fishnet Tights is located in the locker room, near the pile of cardboard between the lockers at the end. It's found in The Hive scenario exclusively on path D.


This item is exclusive to Cindy, and is one of seven items required to unlock her second alternative costume, Funny Bunny. The other components are; Bunny CuffsBunny Bow TieSexy LipstickBunny EarsHigh Heels and Bunny Costume.



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