Flame Rounds, sometimes under other names, are a common ammunition type for Grenade Launchers. Filled with napalm, these grenades are not always as powerful as Grenade Rounds but can ignite enemies and damage them further after the initial impact. Plant based B.O.W.s, such as Ivies are particularly vulnerable to these. In the 2002 remake, they are quite valuable as they instantly cremate any normal zombie within the blast radius.


Display name Game Icon Examine Max rounds per space
Flame Rounds Resident Evil Round2-RE1Round2-REmake
Flame Rounds Resident Evil 2 Flamerounds
Flame Rounds Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Flamerounds
Flame Rounds Resident Evil: CODE:Veronica
Flame Rounds Resident Evil 5 Round2-RE5 "Large shells filled with a potent chemical. The reaction upon impact creates a conflagration." 12
Flame Rounds Resident Evil: Survivor "Grenade Flame Rounds These can be used with the M79 Grenade Launcher."
Napalm Grenades Resident Evil 0 "These grenades are filled with a highly-flammable liquid."
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