The Flame Rounds is an ammunition item in Resident Evil 2 remake


"Ammo for a grenade launcher. The napalm inside ignites on impact, setting the surrounding area on fire."
— Inventory description - English

— Inventory description - Japanese

Flame Rounds can only be used on the GM 79, upon being shot, it creates a small fire in its area of effect, which stays lit for a small period of time. Enemies can also be set on fire with it. It's highly effective against most enemies in the game; killing Lickers in just one shot if their bodies remain within the fire. Its relatively large area of effect and damage over time makes it a formidable tool.

Care should be taken when firing it however, as the field of flame slows down the player's movement to walking speed. Thus if one decides to use this while being chased by the Tyrant, it could potentially cause harm to the player indirectly.

Ivy Zombie is suseptible to this ammo, this is the only way for Claire to permanently kill them.

It can only be found in pre-determined spawn points in the game, and not crafted unlike most other standard weapon ammunition. 


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